Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 210

Bai Yi on the side had the same pretty face, but he still took Lin Fan and sat down:
“Lin Fan, bear with me! After all, you just offended them, and their attitude is a little bit worse, it is excusable. !”
Bai Yi didn’t want to completely tear his face with the Shen family.
And hearing this, Lin Fan could only sit down silently.
However, in his heart, the Shen family was completely blacklisted.
“Lin Fan, where did your clothes come from?”
At this moment, Bai Yi was more concerned about Lin Fan’s clothes.
The gaze she looked at Lin Fan became more complicated.
Do not know why!
In recent time, she felt more and more that Lin Fan was mysterious and elusive.
He seemed to possess a kind of magic power, turning decay into magic, every time whether it was Bai Family or her, as long as they encountered danger or ugliness, Lin Fan would let them turn their dangers into danger and add glory.
Heard this!
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Given it by a friend! I don’t know, it’s so valuable!” A friend?
Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment. She and Lin Fan had been married for three years, but she never knew what friends he had.
Moreover, a woman’s instinct told her that this dress had quite a source:
“Your friend, is it a female?”
After saying this, Bai Yi’s eyes fixed on Lin Fan’s expression.
Somehow, she had a strange feeling in her heart, as if she was jealous, angry, jealous…
Lin Fan suddenly coughed after hearing this, especially Bai Yi’s fiery scrutiny gaze, making him old face It turned red, so he could only bite the bullet and nodded.
It really is a woman!
After seeing Lin Fan’s confession, Bai Yi’s pretty face turned pale.
What kind of woman would give such invaluable clothes to Lin Fan?
Thought of this!
The jealousy in Bai Yi’s heart was unexpectedly unstoppable.
When she was about to dig into the roots and ask who the woman who gave the clothes was.
Outside the courtyard, the sound of brakes rang, and then the entire Shen family became a sensation:
Here ! The VIPs are here!” Swish!
Following this shout, everyone in the Shen family looked at the door in unison.
The surrounding guests and the Shen family stood up one by one, went out in a swarm to meet them.
Fuck up!
Whether it was Taigong Shen, Jian Jian, or the guests, there was a deep awe and flattery on their faces, as if they were welcoming a god of wealth.
And this scene also diverted Bai Yi’s attention. She looked at the crowd greeted by the crowd, and a deep envy and sigh appeared on her pretty face:
“Hey… I heard that this time, the person who came to sign the contract was from the side. The Big Mac family in Yunhai City-the Fei Family!”
“The shot is a super contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It really deserves to be the number one giant in Yunhai!”
Fei family!
After hearing Bai Yi’s envious words, Lin Fan was slightly startled, and his expression suddenly became weird.
He also did not expect that it would be Fei Changqing’s Fei family who came to sign with the Shen family this time.
It’s more than that!
Da da da!
In the hot eyes of everyone’s expectation, footsteps sounded, and then one after another, people were seen walking in through the gate of Shen’s house.
After seeing the old man headed, Bai Yi was slightly startled, and then he could hardly believe his eyes.
“It’s… it’s him!”
Bai Yi remembered that just before coming, she had seen this person with her own eyes.
And at that time, the other party sent him… Lin Fan!

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