Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 21

This sentence made the old lady and everyone around him stay.
In an instant, everyone around was in an uproar, looking at Lin Fan one by one, as if they were looking at a madman.
This is a position that allows him to enter the group and become the chief consultant. How many professionals are in sight!
And this guy was useless in his own right, completely useless, he dared to refuse the old man, it was pure madness.
Yang Meifeng was ecstatic!
In her eyes, Lin Fan is definitely an idiot:
“Dad! Did you hear that? Even if you kindly promote this waste, but waste is waste, and dog meat can’t be served on the banquet!” “He rejected you again and challenged you. Prestige, you quickly order to get him out! Get their family out of our Bai family!”
The corner of Yang Meifeng’s mouth was filled with a vicious smile.
It’s just that the old lady didn’t seem to hear it at all.
He stared at Lin Fan, and then asked in a deep voice:
“Let’s talk! What are you going to do? Only then agreed to be the chief technical consultant!”
Before coming!
The old lady has already asked Tang Elder, if there is no Lin Fan’s participation, even if there is a prescription in hand, but the development method is not complete, and it is still impossible to make a resurrection pill!
This is definitely something the old lady cannot tolerate.
“It’s very simple!” Lin Fan smiled slightly, and then pointed to Yang Meifeng’s family:
“They came to the door and humiliated my mother! I want to drive their family out of the Bai family!!!”
As soon as he said this, there was an uproar in the entire hall.
Erye Shirakawa, Baiyan and others, all face as gray as death.
And Yang Meifeng, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world, screamed at Lin Fan and sarcastically said:
“Little beast, you are dreaming! Drive away our family? Are you afraid that your head was kicked by a donkey? ” ”
my husband Shirakawa, but three masters group, second only to the old man and uncle! my daughter Bai, now is the Group manager! my son Mazhi Tao, the company is closely related to the Group and Pak! ” ”
get rid of us? What are you Something!”
Yang Meifeng sneered!
Only at this moment, she suddenly realized that the atmosphere was not right.
Because all around, whether it is the uncle Bai Hai, Bai Yifan, father and son, or the high-level figures of the Bai group, they all look at themselves one by one, as if they are looking at another fool.
Everyone’s eyes made Yang Meifeng’s eyelids twitch.
A bad premonition suddenly appeared in my heart.
The words of the old man instantly plunged her into the abyss:
“From today! Baichuan and Bai Yan resign all affairs within the group, all are dismissed! Bai Group, stop all business dealings with Ma Zhitao Company!”
“The Baichuan family, Drive out the Bai clan!” A word fell, to Yang Meifeng’s family, it was like a bolt from the blue!
Let Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao be ashamed!
How… how could this be?
The two of them looked dull and looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost. They didn’t believe it. Lin Fan wanted to drive his family out of the Bai family’s words, which turned out to be a reality!
“No! Dad! Why? What kind of Ecstasy did Lin Fan give you! Is it because of this little beast’s words, you are so heartless and drive our family away?”
“I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it!”
Yang Meifeng disheveled, almost crazy.
Just heard this!
The old lady turned angrily and smiled:
“Because Lin Fan wrote the prescription of Resurrection Pill, and Resurrection Pill is the only way to cure AS pneumonia! Only he can help our Bai Group and become the leader of the pharmaceutical industry Overlord!”
After saying this, the old lady was no longer willing to look at Yang Meifeng and the others, turned straight, and hurried away with someone!
After the old lady is gone!
Inside the hall, he was plunged into a deep depression.
Erye Shirakawa almost vomited blood with anger!
He couldn’t even dream of it. He originally planned to drive away the youngest family today, but in the end he was driven away as his own family!
Thought of this!
Shirakawa hurriedly attacked his heart, and slapped Bai Yan’s face with a slap:
“Bitch, what a good thing you did!”
Bai Yan was directly knocked to the ground by the slap.
On her pale face, a bright red palm print appeared, and her whole body was lost, as if stupid.
And see this scene!
Yang Meifeng was even more crazy, yelling at Shirakawa, ” Brakawa , are you crazy? You have no abilities, why do you want to beat my daughter?”
Shirakawa gritted his teeth with anger:
“If it weren’t for this bitch, where would these things happen, she let the old man know the resurrection pill!”
“And you!”
slap! ! !
Shirakawa slapped Yang Meifeng to the ground again:
“You bitch, if you didn’t come to humiliate you, how could our family be evicted from the house! Bitch! Your mother and daughter are all bitches!”
After speaking, Shirakawa just groaned and left.
Until this moment!
Yang Meifeng understood thoroughly.
It was his daughter who helped Baiyi’s family and reversed the situation!
It’s me who killed the family and was kicked out of the house!
Thinking of this, Yang Meifeng was ashamed and embarrassed, she didn’t have the face to stay here, she quickly pulled Bai Yan and Ma Zhitao, and left dingy.
And when everyone leaves!
In the hall, only the Baiyi family remained!
The gazes of Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and Bai Shan all looked at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a monster.

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