Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 211

“It’s… it’s him!”
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes turned round instantly after seeing the old man in Tang suit who came in, and he could hardly believe his eyes.
Especially, when she heard that Taigong Shen was actually respectful and called the old man in Tang suit “Mr. Fei”, Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
“Fei Changqing! I, I remember, he is the richest man in Yunhai City-Fei Changqing!”
“According to the rumor, he started from scratch, starting from setting up a street stall, he built a huge Fei family!
His industry is not only in Yunhai City, but also involves Jiang City and the entire Jiangnan Province!” “No wonder, I saw him so familiar before!”
Bai Yi’s heart beat wildly.
Then she turned her beautiful eyes and couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan next to her:
“Lin Fan, you tell the truth, how do you know Fei Changqing?”
“What is the relationship between you and him?”
Bai Yi looked at herself My husband felt more and more unbelievable.
after all!
In everyone’s eyes, Lin Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law who has no job, no ability, just eats and waits to die.
But now, one of his clothes is equivalent to the wealth of a rich man, and one of his acquaintances is the helm of a Big Mac family.
This simply subverted Bai Yi’s cognition.
And hear this!
Lin Fan just shrugged faintly, telling the truth:
“In fact, I only had a relationship with him before, and Gao Zhiyuan introduced it!”
see once!
Bai Yi stared at Lin Fan, and found that the other person’s expression was calm, obviously not as if he was lying.
Moment, White Iraq not relieved, eyes, slightly lost:
“!! Well think about this figure, nor is it able to recognize you make a”
“after, or less touch a fee Evergreen, after all, but he is A big brother-level existence as famous as Xu Tianlong! If you accidentally offend, it will be a disaster for us!”
Bai Yi’s heart is complicated.
She hopes that her husband has strong connections, but she is afraid that Lin Fan’s character will run into those big men.
Hearing Bai Yi’s instructions, Lin Fan just nodded lightly.
He naturally didn’t bother to know Fei Changqing!
Because these people do not have the qualifications to know themselves in his eyes.
But at this moment, Lin Fan looked at the Shen family with a hint of playfulness and weirdness.
As if to watch a good show.

“Hahaha… Mr. Fei, I didn’t expect your old man to come in person!”
At this moment, Shen Taigong’s old face was almost blooming, smiling and flattering.
Not only him!
Behind him, his uncle Shen Jian, his second aunt and others were all in awe and awe.
See this scene!
Fei Changqing couldn’t help but smiled, and said warmly : “Shen, don’t be too polite! Actually, I would like to thank a relative of your Shen family! If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid it will be the lives of my granddaughter and me. It’s hard to guarantee!”
“I have to say that your relative is really a dragon and phoenix, a peerless talent!”
After hearing Fei Changqing’s words, both Shen Taigong, Shen Jian and others were shocked.
Thank a relative of the Shen family?
And listening to this, his relative saved the lives of Fei Changqing and his granddaughter.
In particular, it’s hard to imagine being able to get the praise of a big man like Fei Changqing as a “dragon and phoenix among people, peerless talent” .

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