Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 221

Listen to the scolding of my family!
Lin Fan touched his nose, but lowered his head, too lazy to explain.
And seeing him look like this.
Bai Yi and others became more angry.
Just when they wanted to scold Lin Fan again, Zhang Boyu on the side, a touch of sarcasm and playfulness appeared on the corners of his mouth, and he quickly stood up to stop him and said:
“Uncle, aunt, Bai Yi! Don’t scold Lin Fan anymore, he certainly didn’t mean it.
Right !” At this moment, Zhang Boyu showed the characteristics of green tea to the fullest.
Obviously he wanted to injure someone secretly, and was injured.
He threw the black pot on Lin Fan’s head, and finally came forward to be a good person, leaving the Bai Yi family with a mature and stable perfect impression.
After hearing that Zhang Boyu, the victim, actually helped Lin Fan speak, the Bai Yi family sighed:
“Boyu, I didn’t expect that your temperament has changed so much in the past few years! You are mature and stable! What a great thing! Child!”
“Yeah, it is obviously Lin Fan’s fault, you still help him speak, alas, Lin Fan is far from yours!”
The Bai family at this moment!
The disappointment with Lin Fan was extremely rich.
Especially compared with Zhang Boyu’s generosity and tolerance, Lin Fan seemed too stingy and rude.
Bai Yi couldn’t help but shook her head in disappointment. She couldn’t figure out how Lin Fan would do such an impulsive thing.
At the moment, she turned to look at Zhang Boyu, and asked worriedly:
“Boyu brother, are your hands okay? Do you want to go to the hospital to check it?”
Listening to Bai Yi’s caring words, Zhang Boyu’s heart was happy. .
He looked at Lin Fan insignificantly, with a touch of provocation and abusive expression on his face, before he said to Bai Yi:
“Bai Yi, you don’t need to worry or blame Lin Fan, maybe I know you too well! As your husband, he will feel somewhat uncomfortable in his heart! I understand!”
Zhang Boyu’s words seem to help Lin Fan Excused, but in fact, they were provoking the relationship between Bai Yi and Lin Fan.
Bai Yi’s pretty face sank, and said angrily:
” Bo Yu brother, you don’t need to defend him, it is his fault that hurt someone for no reason!”
See this scene!
Zhang Boyu suddenly knew that the effect he wanted had been achieved, and he had begun to make the Bai Yi family resent Lin Fan.
And just when he was about to say something!
The advertisement on TV shows a rebroadcast of the Jiangshi news.
“According to the latest news from this station, Zhang Yichen, the hottest young queen in Asia, issued a statement! Three days later, a concert of “Van Love” will be held in our city gymnasium!”
Zhang Yichen, the queen of Asia!
Fanzhilian concert?
After hearing this news, Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and Baishan’s family were shocked.
Who is Zhang Yichen?
It can be said to be the most popular entertainment star in Asia right now.
She is a singer, her masterpieces are “Travel in the Caribbean”, “He in Dream”, “Mortal God” and so on…
Each capital is a sensation across Asia, and it has been covered in more than a dozen languages, which is extremely popular.
Zhang Yichen’s piano music is hailed as a masterpiece of the 21st century.
Countless pianists are sought after and admired.
“The Straw in Despair”, “Traveling by One”, “The Love of Gifting to All”
It is also included in the ranks of the world’s top piano scores.
It’s more than that!
There are many legends about Zhang Yichen, and the most shocking one is-Fan Shen!
In Zhang Yichen’s interview, she once said.
Whether it is her masterpiece songs or those piano music that shocked the global piano circle, she is not the original creator, but the true original creator is…Fall God!

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