Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 222

It is said!
When Zhang Yichen was traveling abroad, he almost died overseas.
It was a young man who rescued her, gave her a sheet of music, and floated away.
That young man is a god.
At first, after Zhang Yichen broke the news, it almost caused a sensation in Asia.
Countless fans were shocked to be unbelievable. After all, this is just like a legend. Saving a life and giving a book to others has created a super queen who is popular in Asia. That mortal god is really like a god. Generally, it is incredible.
It’s more than that!
Almost all Zhang Yichen’s fans know that.
In the past three years, Zhang Yichen has held 36 concerts, not to fall every month, just to find a person-Fanshen.
She searched hard for three years, not for anything else, just to say’thank you’ to that person!
Thank her for saving herself!
Thank him for achieving himself!
Not only that!
Although all Zhang Yichen fans have never seen what that’fan god’ looks like, they can’t stop the fans chasing the stars.
They are Zhang Yichen fans, and even Fanshen fans.
There are countless mortal fan meetings on major social platforms.
These fans gathered for once and guessed what they looked like in their hearts.
Also guessing the true identity of “Fan God”.
And Bai Yi!
He is one of the members of the Fanshen fan club.
She likes Zhang Yichen, and she likes the mysterious “Van God” who has never appeared before!
“Oh my God, Zhang Yichen came to our Jiangshi for a concert! I…I’m so excited!”
Bai Yi covered her small mouth at this moment, and deep excitement and ecstasy emerged in her eyes.
Not just her!
Even Shen Yumei liked Zhang Yichen very much, and would hum a few words when she was fine.
See this scene!
Zhang Boyu beside him couldn’t help but said with a smile:
“Hahaha, Bai Yi, don’t worry, this time I’m here, I am entrusted by the young master of our group to prepare for the concert in advance!”
“Young master of our group, chase hard Zhang Yichen has never left every concert for three years!”
“At that time, I can help you get a few tickets, let’s go see it together!”
Tickets for the concert!
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes lit up instantly.
She knows that Zhang Yichen’s concert tickets are arguably the most difficult thing to buy, and every time they are sold, they will be instantly emptied.
The price is well-positioned, and it has even been fired to hundreds of thousands of pieces. There are still many wealthy people who chase stars in droves.
When he heard Zhang Boyu, there was a way, Bai Yi was extremely happy:
“Brother Boyu, thank you so much!”
Bai Yi was full of joy, and her gratitude made Zhang Boyu extremely comfortable.
At this moment, Zhang Boyu’s eyes couldn’t help turning his head triumphantly to look at Lin Fan.
Originally, he wanted to continue to provoke Lin Fan, but he was surprised to find that Lin Fan’s eyes were staring at the news on TV, his face full of weird and stunned.
Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai’er all discovered Lin Fan’s look.
At the moment, Zhang Caier couldn’t help but laughed sarcastically:
“Lin Fan, how did you hear this news with such an expression? Don’t you know Zhang Yichen? Hahaha…”
With that said, Zhang Cai’er suddenly laughed herself.
It’s more than that!
“Oh, by the way, there is also a common character in your name. You don’t want to tell us that you are the savior Zhang Yichen has been searching for for three years-Fanshen, right? Hahaha…”
Hearing what Zhang Caier said, Zhang Boyu and Bai Yi’s family nearby also laughed.
That’s right!
There is indeed a “fan” in Lin Fan’s name.
However, they would naturally not believe that there is any intersection between Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen.
Just at this moment!
Lin Fan glanced at everyone weirdly, then nodded seriously:
“Perhaps, she is really looking for me!

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