Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 223

Maybe she is really looking for me!
When Lin Fan’s words resounded, the atmosphere in the entire living room was quiet.
Bai Yi and others next to him looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at monsters.
After a short silence!
Several people burst into laughter suddenly.
“Hahaha… Bai Yi, didn’t you expect your husband to be quite humorous? He actually has a mortal in his name, that is, the mortal god Zhang Yichen, an Asian queen, looked for!”
Zhang Boyu laughed at this moment, he leaned forward and back together, in the words , Full of Lin Fan’s ridicule and contempt.
And Zhang Cai’er next to her almost laughed with tears:
“Oh, it’s no good, no more! Bai Yi sister, your husband is too funny, I have never seen such a brazen person! Hahaha…” The brothers and sisters laughed The ridicule is extremely ironic.
Bai Shan and Shen Yumei also laughed and cursed:
“This stinky boy, where did you learn daydreaming!”
“Yes, the former Xiaofan, can’t speak big words, what’s the matter?”
The expressions of everyone around him In Bai Yi’s eyes, she suddenly made her pretty face blue, red, shame and embarrassment.
She obviously didn’t expect Lin Fan to tell such a joke.
There is simply no self-knowledge.
“Okay! Lin Fan, let you speak more reliably in the future!”
“I tell you, Zhang Yichen is my idol, and Fanshen is my idol. I don’t allow you to make fun of him!”
Bai Yi looked at him seriously ! Lin Fan said solemnly.
And hear this!
Lin Fan couldn’t help being speechless.
Nima, no one believes in telling the truth these days, but even if you don’t believe it, he knows that the more he explains, the more these people will look at it as a joke.
“Well, Bai Yi, let’s go! I have already set a position in a restaurant!”
Zhang Boyu said at this moment to Bai Yi and the others.
And hear this!
The Baiyi family followed Zhang Boyu’s brother and sister and walked out of the door, and then drove one after another toward the restaurant Zhang Boyu had set.
Phil Western Restaurant!
This is the most upscale western restaurant in Jiang City.
Especially, the owner of this restaurant is a good friend of Zhang Boyu.
When the Baiyi family just got out of the car, they saw a young man at the door of the western restaurant, with a group of well-dressed service staff, already lined up in two lines, waiting at the door.
As soon as Bai Yi and his party walked in, the young man and all the waiters performed a gentleman’s etiquette:
“Welcome to Miss Bai Yi’s family, come to Phil Western Restaurant! I am the owner of this restaurant-Zheng Xiong! Also Zhang Boyu Good brother!”
The young man named the leader said to the Bai Yi family with a gentle smile on his face.
Hearing this, and looking at this big battle, the Bai Yi family showed their surprise!
They obviously did not think that Zhang Boyu should have such a big face.
Let the owner of this top western restaurant in Jiangshi personally greet him at the door.
“Hahaha…Uncle, aunt, Bai Yi, don’t be surprised, Zheng Xiong is my buddy, you come, just treat this as your home as casually!”
Zhang Boyu said to Bai Yi’s family with a full face of glory.
And hear this!
Zheng Xiong, the owner of the restaurant, quickly agreed;
“Bo Yu is right, uncle and aunt, Miss Bai Yi, I often hear Boyu mentioning you!”
“Now Boyu is promising. He is the president of the Hongfeng Group in Jiangnan City, with an annual salary of 10 million! So! You don’t have to save money for him, this guy is a local tyrant! ”
President of Red Maple Group!
The annual salary is ten million.
The words of the restaurant owner, Zheng Xiong, shocked the Baiyi family. They could see that Zhang Boyu was a successful person, but they did not expect that it would be so successful.

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