Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 224

As if feeling the surprised eyes of the Baiyi family, Zhang Boyu almost burst into laughter.
What he wants is this feeling.
And Zheng Xiong’s words clearly showed his superior status and extremely rich income, pretending to be a comparison.
The group walked into the restaurant under the warm invitation of Zheng Xiong and Zhang Boyu.
Finally sat down in a best position.
Zhang Boyu is very generous and ordered almost all the most famous dishes in this restaurant.
French 5A grade foie gras, seafood platter with caviar, smoked salmon…
a variety of dishes were placed on the table.
Coupled with red wine delivered by air from a French winery, this dinner looks high-end and rich.
When the dishes are ready.
Zhang Cai’er on the side rolled her eyes and said with a smile : “Sister Bai Yi, in fact, to be honest, you and my brother are really talented women!”
“My brother is worth more than 100 million yuan now, and you are knowledgeable and reasonable. It is a career. The strong woman, if you two are together, it’s really a natural fit. ”
A word from Zhang Caier instantly changed the expressions of Bai Yi’s family.
They didn’t expect that when Bai Yi’s husband Lin Fan was here, Zhang Caier would say such things.
Just now!
Zhang Caier directly regarded Lin Fan as the air, and still said with a smile : “Sister Bai Yi, my brother had been pursuing you for three years, but was cruelly rejected by you!”
“But you don’t know? He has still been so still. Thinking of you every day? In his room, almost all your photos are hung up, every time you go out, your wallet is also filled with your photos!”
“In my opinion, Lin Fan is not for you at all. It is better to leave him and marry my brother!”
Zhang Cai’er said more and more, instantly making Bai Yi’s pretty face more and more gloomy.
At this moment, Bai Yi felt a trace of anger in his heart.
Lin Fan is her husband no matter what.
And Zhang Caier is now humiliating Lin Fan, which is tantamount to humiliating herself.
At this moment, it seemed that Bai Yi’s pretty face was a bit wrong, Zhang Boyu on the side quickly reprimanded:
” Cai’er , what are you talking nonsense! Lin Fan is still here, shut up!”
Hearing this. !
Zhang Cai’er glared at Lin Fan with disdain, and stopped talking at the moment.
That kind of unconvinced look, as if Lin Fan had robbed her brother’s woman.
Until then!
Zhang Boyu This white against Iraq, said:
“White Iraq, color children speak no sense of proportion, Lin Fan and hope you do not mind!”
Zhang Boyu turned his head again and smiled at Lin Fan and said:
“Lin Fan, I wonder if you have studied piano?”
The Baiyi family was taken aback. They didn’t understand how Zhang Boyu mentioned the piano.
And Lin Fan was also startled. When he saw Zhang Boyu’s unkind look, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
” Understand a little!”
Hearing Lin Fan’s words, not only Zhang Boyu was taken aback, but even the Bai Yi family was also slightly stunned.
Know a little bit?
When did Lin Fan understand piano music? This kid is obviously a housewife. It’s almost the same for him to dance square dance. How can he understand piano music?
Especially, in the past three years, the Baiyi family has never even listened to a song by Lin Fan. Obviously, this product has no musical cells.
“Okay!” The playfulness and ridicule in Zhang Boyu’s eyes became more intense:
“Since Lin Fan, you know piano music, it just so happens that I have invited a pianist! Let her play a piece for Bai Yi!
” Just let you taste it!”
Zhang Boyu clap his hands!
Suddenly, Bai Yi’s family saw that from the back of the dining room, a graceful and beautiful woman in a black dress came slowly.
And see this woman, white Iraq aroused, instantly covered her mouth, face incredible scream out:
“?! …… she is Moyi she ran the first Chinese pianist mo old granddaughter”
“She is Fanshen’s fan, I know what she is best at is Fanshen’s piano music! ”
Think of this!
Bai Yi’s small face flushed with excitement, and said excitedly:
“Does she want to play Fanshen’s tunes?”
After Zhang Yichen’s “Straw in Despair”, “Traveling by One”, and “Love for the Fan” were included in the world’s top piano scores, Fanshen, the creator of these piano pieces, has long been known throughout the world. Piano circle.
Almost all pianists regard the “Van God” as an idol.
Bai Yi is a little fan of Fan Shen’s piano music.
At this moment, I saw Mo Yiran, who is best at Huaxia, playing Fanshen piano music, how could I not get excited.

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