Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 254

As soon as this remark came out, Shen Jie and his girlfriend suddenly changed their faces.
Needless to think about it, Lin Fan actually returned the word’waste’ intact.
“Unexpectedly, you’re quite clever! It’s a pity, you’re just a wasteful eater of soft rice!”
Shen Jie snorted, then looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan’s clothes, and smiled sarcastically:
“Bai Yi, I know you It’s a fan of Zhang Yichen. Unfortunately, the tickets for this time are too difficult to buy. Are you here to listen to the off-site concert? Haha…”
Even if Shen Jie saw Bai Yi and others here, he didn’t think they were To watch the concert.
after all!
This time, the tickets are robbed by fans in Asia.
Not to mention Bai Yi.
Even Shen Jie, he bought two scattered tickets through the Shen family’s network, and that’s it.
Lin Fan and others, there are four people in total, and four scattered tickets are needed. How could it be possible.
Shen Jie took his girlfriend and walked towards the entrance of the concert:
“Bai Yi, please enjoy the posters outside the venue! Hahaha, we are in, if you want to listen in the future, my cousin can talk about it. I’ll listen to you! Hahaha…”
Shen Jie and Shen Jie laughed very proudly, and walked into the stadium leisurely.
But heard this.
Whether it was Lin Fan and Bai Yi, or Zhang Boyu’s brother and sister, their complexions became extremely strange.
However, the four of them didn’t care too much, shook their heads, and walked towards the gym as well.

At the same time!
Scattered ticket area in the stadium.
Shen Jie and his girlfriend kept talking and laughing.
“My dear, are you sure your cousins, didn’t they come to the concert?” girlfriend Zhou Xiao asked Shen Jie at this moment.
And hearing this, Shen Jie’s face instantly showed a deep contempt:
“Don’t think about it. As far as I know, Bai Yi has been soaking in the company every day recently, and there is no time to find someone to buy a ticket. . ” ”
and Lin Fan, it is a waste every day to cook and clean! such people, how likely to see concert! ”
he said!
Shen Jie’s gaze couldn’t help looking into the stadium.
The current stadium is divided into three areas.
Scattered ticket area, VIP area, super VIP area.
The scattered ticket area was the place where Shen Jie and two of them were. They could only stand, crowded, and there was no place to sit.
In the VIP area, the location is very front, and each ticket corresponds to a seat.
Those VIP guests are rich or expensive, and there are even some big names in the business, political, and military circles, as well as entertainment stars who come to support them.
As for the super VIP area!
It is located at the forefront of the stands, only a few steps away from the stage.
Not only that!
The super VIP area is an empty, huge place with only four seats.
And every seat is the world’s most luxurious Sheliner space massage cabin seat.
Each seat is worth tens of millions.
At this moment, looking at the four massage cabin seats in the empty area, Shen Jie’s face was full of envy and jealousy:
“Hey, I really don’t know what kind of big person he is. Qualify for Super VIP!”
“As far as I know, even many big players in the entertainment industry have to come, just go to VIP!”
At this moment, Shen Jie really felt the gap between people.
What does he say, he is also a rich second generation in Jiangshi.
It’s a pity that by doing everything possible, only two scattered tickets can be obtained.
However, they have the qualifications of Super VIP.
This disparity in status is simply unimaginable.
“I’m afraid, only the world’s top superstars, or China’s super big guys, can get the super VIP!”
Shen Jie thought, looking around.
But at this moment!
When his eyes saw the four figures coming in from the entrance, the expression on his face suddenly became stiff, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

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