Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 273

When Lin Fan looked at the BMW car, the door of that car opened, and then a man and a woman walked down from above.
The man looks twenty-five or sixteen years old, but he has big ears, a small head, and a fierce face.
Not only that!
On his arm, there is a cyan tattoo, but it is a wolf-shaped pattern.
Immediately after getting out of the car, the man was extremely angry, facing the direction of Lin Fan and others, excitedly cursed:
“Special code, where’s the poor ghost, actually want to touch Laozi! Why didn’t you kill you just now? A group of poor! ”
As soon as the fat man’s words came out, the passersby around him were in an uproar.
They didn’t expect that this fat man was speeding and nearly killed someone. He was so arrogant that he said that others were touching porcelain, which was simply too arrogant.
However, I haven’t waited for Lin Fan to reply.
When I heard the woman next to me , a startled voice came: “Huh? Lin Fan, why are you?”
Hearing this, Lin Fan immediately felt very familiar, and when he turned his eyes, his face suddenly became gloomy.
This woman, with heavy make-up, looks quite beautiful.
And Lin Fan is no stranger to her.
Because of her, she is Bai Yi’s classmate and best friend-Wen Qian!
Until this moment, Wen Qian seemed to see Shen Yumei on the ground, and ran up and said:
“Auntie, why are you here? I didn’t expect it to be you!” He said!
Wen Qian stepped forward and helped Shen Yumei up, while complaining dissatisfied:
“I said Auntie, Lin Fan! What’s the matter with you? If it weren’t just now, my boyfriend turned the steering wheel in time, coupled with the brakes in time, I’m afraid you would be dead!”
“Really, crossing the road, it’s all like this Accidentally, if something happens to you, let me explain to Bai Yi!”
These words of Wen Qian made Shen Yumei and everyone around her look ugly again.
Time to brake?
Turn the steering wheel!
They couldn’t imagine how Wen Qian had the face to say this sentence.
After all, if it hadn’t been for Lin Fan to give his life to save, Shen Yumei and the little beggar would have died under the wheel a long time ago.
However, it still does not stop.
Fat man next to see Wen Qian Lin Fan and Chen Yumei even recognize, the moment is gone up, dissatisfied and asked:
“Wen Qian, how do you know these scrubby??”
Fatty’s words were extremely arrogant and arrogant.
As if in his eyes, all the people living on this street are poor.
And Wen Qian didn’t seem to feel the fat man’s words at all. There was a problem. Instead
, she said: “My dear, let me introduce to you. This is my girlfriend Bai Yi’s mother-Aunt Shen!”
She pointed at Lin Fan again, and said with contempt:
“As for him, I often mention him to you, Bai Yi husband—Lin Fan!”
Lin Fan?
The fat man was taken aback, then looked at Lin Fan up and down, and then smiled contemptuously:
“Hahaha, I remembered, you told me that Lin Fan is a bunny, a trash!”
“I saw it today, it was true!”
The words of Wen Qian and Fatty made Shen Yumei, the little beggar, and the passers-by extremely angry.
They simply couldn’t imagine how brazen this man and woman were so they could almost kill someone and even dared to laugh at each other.
Wen Qian still didn’t stop. She looked at Lin Fan and glanced at the little beggar next to her. Then she said with disgust,
“I said Lin Fan, your wife Bai Yi is also the president of the Bai Group!”
“As her husband, you don’t need to be upbeat. Why are you still hanging out with a little beggar! Are you not afraid of being ashamed?”
“Oh, yes! You are a trash, she is a beggar, you are together, It is also right!”
Wen Qian and the fat man burst into laughter suddenly.
In the smile, ridicule, humiliation, rampant to the extreme.

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