Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 274

Their laughter, just got up!
A loud slap in the face came fiercely, and the burst of laughter suddenly stopped.
Everyone saw that the smile on Wen Qian’s face was completely frozen, but there was an extra bright red palm print.
And the person who shot turned out to be…Shen Yumei!
“A…Auntie, you…” Wen Qian was also stunned.
She obviously didn’t expect that it would be Bai Yi’s mother, and Shen Yumei slapped herself in the face.
But something that made her even more shocked happened.
Shen Yumei was like a tigress protecting her calf, completely blown up.
She guarded in front of Lin Fan, pointed her nose to Wen Qian, and yelled:
“Wen Qian, what are you, you almost killed me and the little girl, you still have a face here, talking coldly! ”
Also, what about Lin Fan, they are all my Shen Yumei’s son-in-law! I can beat him, I can scold him! Because he is my son-in-law, my family!”
“And you, dare to scold him again, I I dare to tear your mouth! ” Stunned

Looking at Shen Yumei who was mad, Wen Qian was completely shocked at this moment.
She remembered.
In the past, Shen Yumei disliked Lin Fan to the extreme, but today, how could he maintain this waste.
“Auntie, Lin Fan is a trash, he is not worthy of Bai…” Wen Qian was about to continue to persuade him now!
But the moment the words are spoken!
Shen Yumei slapped her face with another loud slap, and slapped her face fiercely. Suddenly, Wen Qian staggered, completely speechless.
“Asshole, you dare to beat my girlfriend! You old man…”
The fat man next to him was furious instantly!
While cursing, she wanted to rush forward and beat Shen Yumei.
His words are not yet finished!
A figure appeared in front of him like a ghost, and then slapped it down, interrupting the words in his mouth!
This slap in the face was extremely loud.
Under the horrified eyes of everyone, the fat man’s body of more than two hundred jin was slapped and flew out of luck!
With a puff, he fell to the ground.
A trace of blood flowed from the fat man’s mouth.
Many teeth, from the teeth, from his mouth, kept falling.
At this moment, not only was the fat man dumbfounded, even the people around him couldn’t believe his eyes.
Lin Fan slapped a slap in the face, and he was so powerful that he slapped a person of more than two hundred jin, this…how could it be possible!
“Little…boy, do you dare to hit me?”
“Do you know who Lao Tzu is? Don’t say you guys dare to scold my girlfriend, even if Lao Tzu kills you personally, it should be!”
Fatty’s attitude is still extremely arrogant.
In his eyes, there is no difference between killing a few people and crushing a few ants.
“Moreover, you don’t have long eyes, so you dare to touch Lao Zi, you wait. I’ll kill you in a while!”
Fatty’s words are vicious!
He wanted to kill Lin Fan and others again.
Just heard this!
“Okay! In that case, then I will let you see what is Porcelain!” After Lin Fan finished speaking, he waved to the roadside under everyone’s astonished eyes!
Under everyone’s incredible gaze, a black car galloped from the east, and almost instantly, it slammed into the BMW car.

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