Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 275

A huge roar resounded!
That black car, at a speed of one hundred and twenty or thirty, was like a galloping lightning that hit the rear of the BMW car.
Kaka Kaka…
The rear shell of the BMW car suddenly shattered under the huge impact force, and the whole rear body was almost flattened.
At this moment, whether it was the fat man, or Shen Yumei and all the passersby around, they could hardly believe their eyes.
This, what is going on?
As soon as Lin Fan waved his hand, a car crashed into a BMW. It was like a fantasy.
It’s just that something that stunned everyone even more, happened!

Look clearly, this is touching porcelain!” Lin Fan looked at the fat man, spitting out word by word, and every word made the fat man’s heart jump.
Could it be…
it seemed to have thought of something, the fat man quickly turned his eyes and looked forward again.
Sure enough, another engine humming sounded from the front of the BMW car.
Then everyone was surprised to find that on the road in front of the BMW, a black car was driving at the same time.
At the same speed of one hundred and twenty-three, he rushed towards the front face of the BMW car!
The huge roar and smashing sound, the predecessor of BMW, was completely scrapped.
The entire front of the car was dented by raw impact.
It’s another one!
Everyone was dumbfounded.
They don’t even know where the two black cars appeared.
I don’t even understand why the two cars listened to Lin Fan’s words so much. When Lin Fan waved his hand, they didn’t hesitate, and they slammed into the BMW car.
The shock is just beginning!
The two black cars in the front and back made a roar at the same time, and then each retreated quickly.
Backed a full 100 meters.
Almost at the same time, step on the accelerator again!
Two black cars, like two terrifying monsters, made a violent and shocking roar, one after the other, facing the BMW car, smashing away for the second time!
When two huge roars resounded, the BMW car was dented by half under the impact of the front and back.
This is still the beginning!
Under everyone’s incredible belief!
Those two black cars, back again, crash, back again, crash again!
again and again!
In a short moment, the fat man’s BMW car was smashed into a pile of scrap iron.
“No… how could this happen!”
The sweat on Fatty’s entire forehead rushed down.
This is what he just got from the 4S shop today. The latest BMW X5 proposed is worth a million.
But now, he couldn’t even dream of it, and turned into a pile of scrap iron in a blink of an eye.
It’s just that what makes fat people more unacceptable has just begun!
On the two black cars, the doors opened, and then huffed. In each car, three or four big men walked down.
The muscles on each of them just bulged out and looked extremely strong.
After these six or seven big men got out of the car, they walked toward the fat man aggressively!
“What’s special, is this BMW yours?”
A big guy headed, staring at the fat man, asked in a cold voice.
Heard this!
The fat man didn’t even react for a while, but just nodded blankly.
“Okay! You parked a rotten car in the middle of the road in broad daylight. Are you going to touch porcelain?”
“Look, your car crashed all of our brothers’ two cars!” Let’s talk about it, how should I pay? ”
When he heard the roar of the big man, the fat man and everyone around him were all shocked.
Touch porcelain?
How to pay?
What’s so special, it was these big guys who drove the car and crashed the fat man’s car into a pile of iron mud, and now, the fat man lost money in a blink of an eye.
This routine…

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