Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 281

Because he knew it all!
All the senior executives of Xu Tianlong’s Tianlong Group had asked Lin Fan.
The Black Tiger of the Shengshi Club razed the most famous western restaurant in Jiang City to the ground for Lin Fan.
At this moment, Master Dao couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and said to Sangou and others:
“Mr. Lin, don’t mess with!”
“Who provoked, who will die!”
This sentence made Sango wait for everything. Little brother, his expression straightened.
That’s right!
After they had dealt with Lin Fan several times, they felt the horror of this Mr. Lin more and more.
The other party is like a bottomless abyss without a bottom. Anyone who provokes will become the white bones under the abyss.
Thought of this!
Everyone like Sangou was thinking that after returning, he must once again warn his subordinates to prevent Mr. Lin from being offended.
But at this moment!
The door of the box was pushed open from the outside.
This made Master Dao and everyone else, his complexion changed.
“Who is special…” As soon as Master Dao was about to yell, he suddenly realized that the person who broke in was the one he sent out to protect Mr. Lin.
“Little San! Why are you guys coming back? Didn’t I let you follow Mr. Lin from a distance? To prevent some unsightly people from offending his old man!” At this moment, Dao Dao used even the “old man” in Lin Fan’s Body.
And hear this!
Xiaosan and the others all turned pale, and then they could only bite the bullet and replied:
“Master Dao, something has happened!”
“We followed Mr. Lin all the way to the village in the city! Among them, we met a fat man driving a BMW and wanted to kill Mr. Lin. Mr. Lin gave him a severe lesson!”
“But I didn’t expect that this fat man turned out to be an iron face. Canglang’s own brother! Now, Mr. Lin went to the wolf hall alone! ”
After listening to Xiao San’s report, Dao’s body trembled fiercely.
He knows the Iron Face Wolf very well.
That guy is a complete lunatic, fighting madness!
Anyone who provokes him is either dead or injured!
Especially the Wolf Hall!
There was even the iron-faced wolf’s lair. There were countless black boxers in it. Whether it was the overlord of the North City or the Black Tiger of the South City, he was unwilling to provoke this guy.
And now…
“Quick! Bring all the brothers together, this time, no matter what, I must rescue Mr. Lin!”
Dao Ye was really anxious.
He could have seen Liu Zhen, Major General Dong Jun, and other bigwigs bowing to Lin Fan.
If such a terrifying character really loses his life in the wolf hall, then he will definitely be buried.
With the command of Master Dao, the entire’Liu Ye Fei Dao Club’ became a sensation.
Densely, a group of brawny men in white walked out from one box after another.
Each of them held a machete and swarmed outside.
In the blink of an eye, as many as two hundred people gathered.
Divided into dozens of cars, the humming engine roared, shaking the sky.
Master Dao saw that the people had been mobilized, and he waved his hand:
“Go ahead! Wolf Hall!”
“Sweep the pack of wolf cubs!”
After the words were over, the cars under the pressure of Wu began to gallop towards the village in the city.
The scene is extremely spectacular.
At the same time!
In Nancheng of Jiangshi, the same shocking scene is being staged!
“Quick! Quick! Quick! Protect the BOSS at all costs!”
“Whoever blocks, who will die!!!”
Tiger’s eyes flashed with gloomy cold light.
And under his roar.
The black man in suits and shoes rushed out of the clubhouse.
The densely packed cars began to rush toward the village in the city.
I’m afraid that all Jiangshi people can’t think of it.
Just because of one person!
The two major hegemons of the north and south of Jiangshi all came out, setting off a huge wave of shaking Jiangshi.

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