Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 282

at the same time!
Located in the wolf hall of the village in the city, the atmosphere at this moment is extremely hot.
A spacious boxing ring was built in the middle of the stadium.
Kill kill kill!
On the ring, two black boxers were fighting frantically with blood and sweat.
It seems that two beasts are fighting desperately!
Not only that!
Around the ring, a fat-eared guest, a strong black boxer, and an enchanting girl were all screaming and shouting frantically, cheering for the favorite boxer.
Whenever the fighters on the stage splashed with blood, the crowd below would shout and roar like beasts.
On the top beam of the ring, there is also an iron box hanging.
A woman’s scream came out from the box:
“Let me out! You are illegally detained, I want to call the police! You are breaking the law!”
This voice is Bai Yi!
She was confined in an iron box and hung in the air. Only the black boxers below were fighting and the audience shouting.
But for everything, nothing can be seen.
Not only that!
On the second floor of the boxing gym, there is a large wooden chair in the most conspicuous position!
The exterior of this chair is covered with wolf skins, which looks bloody and hideous.
Sitting on it was a strong man with triangular eyes.
His slender cheeks, sharp eyes, opened and closed, splashing with a breathtaking cold light.
He is the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.
The iron-faced gray wolf picked up a glass of wine on the table and drank it. Then he wiped the corner of his mouth and asked the person next to him:
“How is it? Has the money arrived?”
A subordinate next to him hurriedly replied:
“Lord Wolf, 5 million has been paid to your overseas account!”
5 million!
Hearing this number, the iron-faced wolf’s face instantly grinned with a grin:
“Tsk tsk… the young master from the province has done an extraordinary job! For a small door-to-door son-in-law, he is willing to spend 5 million yuan!”
The iron-faced gray wolf shouted at the people below:
“Make things more beautiful in a while! Let that kid die a little miserable!”
“Don’t worry! Lord Wolf! We will definitely screw off his head for you. !”
A group of strong men below suddenly laughed brutally.
Especially, the brutality in the words makes people feel creepy when they hear it.
“Lord Wolf! What about that woman?” A man next to him pointed to the iron box hanging in the air and asked greedily.
Heard this!
The iron-faced gray wolf couldn’t help but glanced at the iron box, and a trace of lust flashed through his eyes.
Immediately afterwards, he shook his head:
“This woman is very beautiful! It is a pity that the gold master has repeatedly confessed that she must not touch this person!” “If this is the case, then after killing the door-to-door son-in-law, hand over her husband’s head She, let her go!”
This sentence caused many black boxers around him to burst into laughter.
In the eyes of these people, killing a trash son-in-law is no different from trampling an ant to death!
And just between everyone talking and laughing!
A loud noise suddenly came from the door below!
It’s more than that!
a cold wind swept from outside the door.
Along with the gust of wind, there was a figure that was pouring into the wolf hall, two hundred catties of Roshan, like a dead dog, smashed into the boxing hall!
The sound vibrated, making the entire wolf hall quiet.

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