Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 287

This broken sound was extremely abrupt.
The picture on the ring seemed to be completely frozen at this moment.
The boxers and the audience below all couldn’t believe their eyes. Everyone subconsciously thought that this was Ba Ye’s punch, which hit Lin Fan’s head and shattered Lin Fan’s skull.
After the crowd fell silent, they wanted to give the Eighth a punch at the moment, and then cheered!
But then, everyone found out what was wrong!
Ah ah ah ……
a screaming sound, rang up from the top of the ring.
Everyone could hardly believe that after Lin Fan’s head was hit in a punch, Ba Ye screamed, as if he had been stepped on his tail, and retreated hurriedly.
Not only that!
Everyone was stunned to discover that Ba Ye’s arm had a twisted arc, and it drooped weakly.
The white bone spurs pierced the skin from his forearm, revealing!
On it, bloodshots and minced meat are making everyone’s scalp numb!
Not only was the boxer and the audience below, but even the iron-faced wolf couldn’t believe his eyes.
The iron-faced wolf has rich combat experience.
He could clearly see that the broken bone on the old eight’s forearm was definitely broken by a terrifying counter-shock force.
And just now!
When Lao Ba hit Lin Fan’s head, the other side gave it a light one.
Could it be that just this one shook Lao Ba’s forearm?
At this moment, the face of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, as if seeing a ghost, showed a thick incredible color.
And the surroundings are completely exploded!
“Oh my god, what happened! Didn’t Ba Ye hit that guy in the head with a punch? How could Ba Ye break his arm!”
“Yeah, I only saw that kid when he was hit. He even nodded forward! Eighth master’s hand broke like a dead branch!”
“No…impossible! How is this possible!”
Noise, shock!
Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s gaze at this moment, and they were filled with deep shock and disbelief!
Especially Wen Qian.
The look on her face, from the mocking and disdain at the beginning, turned into astonishment and dazed, until now, shocked.
“No… he, he is obviously a waste! How could he…” At this moment, Wen Qian only felt that her three views seemed to be subverted!
Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s shock at all, and his neck gently turned!
Suddenly, the sound of’kaka’ resounded!
Then, he walked towards Ba Ye step by step!
Da da da!
This scene is like a tiger that has just woken up, walking towards an injured lamb, and suddenly makes Ba Ye’s heart beating wildly, and dense cold sweat emerges from his forehead:
“Little…boy, your head How could it be so hard! No, it’s impossible!”
Ba Ye was dumbfounded!
As the person involved, he knows best what happened just now.
The moment he hit Lin Fan, he thought he had succeeded. Even if he didn’t label this kid as an idiot, he would at least have a concussion, as a KO!
What he could not even dream of was that Lin Fan’s head was just tapped.
He just felt as if there was a tens of thousands of force, swept his forearm from the other’s head!
His arm couldn’t bear such a huge force, and it broke instantly!
And now!
A kind of panic and horror filled his heart, making him step back step by step, step by step panic.
“Are you scared?”
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth was bloodthirsty and smiled, and he looked at the eighth master, as if looking at an ant:
“Don’t be afraid! I won’t kill you, I just want to…abolish you!”
“That’s it!”

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