Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 324

Bai Yi’s pretty face, the look of envy and admiration, can hardly conceal.
after all!
People like the mysterious spectators, just this live broadcast, I am afraid that they will be worshiped and respected by countless people in the whole Jiang City.
“If Lin Fan could be so strong, that would be great…”
Bai Yi couldn’t help but think of her husband Lin Fan.
But then Bai Yi shook his head.
“No! Compared to Lin Fan, I prefer the current Lin Fan!”
“Strong is good, but ordinary is true!”
Thinking of Lin Fan, the corner of Bai Yi’s mouth unconsciously raised a point, and a touch of happiness appeared. And gentle arc.
Just when everyone cheered!
Bang! ! !
In the video, there was a roar again.
Everyone turned their eyes to the video in amazement, and suddenly found that the photographer had adjusted the angle of the mobile phone and pointed it at the door of the theater.
At this moment, the gate seemed to have endured the tremendous force of horror, and it was severely shattered by people.
Dense sawdust fluttered endlessly.
Not only that!
An old man in a gray robe walked in from the broken door.
Da da da!
This gray-robed old man is extremely strong, with a boundless and terrifying breath, as if lingering around him.
Especially, as he fell every step, the loud footsteps, like drums, resounded in everyone’s hearts.
Let everyone’s blood only feel that following this old man’s footsteps, it begins to surge.
Not only that!
After seeing the old man, King Kong, Iron-faced Gray Wolf and others were all taken aback.
Then there was an instant ecstasy.
“Master, your old man… is here!”
“Master! You just came here, revenge for us, revenge for Master!”
When the shouts of King Kong, Iron-faced Canglang and others resounded, Lord Tiger, Lord Dao and others in the Jiangshi camp changed their faces.
Could this old man be the first person in Jiangnan Guoshu today!
After confirming the identity of the old man, everyone in Jiang City felt their scalp tingling.
Everyone can see how tough King Kong and his four major disciples are.
And now!
The arrival of the first person of Jiangnan Guoshu, this invisible pressure made Hu Ye and all Jiangshi big men look earthy.
Not only them!
Within the Baishi Group.
Before the video, after seeing the old man, everyone around was in a daze.
“This old man is King Kong’s master? Isn’t he more powerful than King Kong?” Secretary Xiaoyun asked in shock.
And hear this!
The rest of them all looked at the male colleague next to them.
They suddenly saw that this male colleague seemed to be frightened and stupefied, his entire face pale as paper.
“No… not just amazing!”
“But… so much amazing! Everything about King Kong is taught by this old man!”
“He is now the first person in Jiangnan Guoshu – Kong Sheng!”
Hearing this, the secretary Xiaoyun and others trembled with fright.
They realized that this old man was the strongest support for King Kong and others.
But everyone did not notice.
At the moment of seeing the old man!
Bai Yi suddenly almost suspected that he was dazzled, and covered his mouth with an incredible face:
“I… I seem to have seen this old man!”

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