Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 325

After Bai Yi saw the face of the old man in the video, he could hardly believe his eyes.
At this moment, she instantly recalled.
Not long ago, because Lin Fan offended Zhou Xian, she took Lin Fan to his grandfather Shen’s house to make amends.
It just happened to catch up with the signing banquet between the Shen family and the Fei family, the first family in Yunhai City.
This old man was one of Fei Jiafei’s Changqing group, and was called Kong Lao.
Bai Yi can remember.
At that time, Zhou Xian, the husband of cousin Shen Ling, wanted to assassinate Lin Fan.
It was this old man who stood in front of Lin Fan, grabbed Zhou Xian by the neck, and lifted him up.
He also asked Lin Fan if he helped him become Zhou Xian.
“That’s right! It’s him!”
Bai Yi looked a little dazed at this moment. She didn’t expect that the master of the Iron Face Wolf and the master of King Kong turned out to be Lin Fan’s acquaintance-Kong Sheng.
And just when Bai Yi was in a daze.
Next to that male colleagues, it is once again screamed:
“My God That’s one of the top ten countries of the southern Alchemist – Wei Wei Ting old!!”
“There Ningtai Yong Ning old”!
“Chou Chou Renjie Old gentleman!”
Following the horrified voice of this male colleague, everyone in Baiyi saw everything. In the video, after Kong Sheng, the first man of Jiangnan Guoshu, walked in, one after another old people stepped in.
Everyone turned out to be one of the top ten martial arts masters in Jiangnan.
In the blink of an eye, all the top ten national magicians appeared in front of everyone.
And at the moment!
In the theater, Master Tiger, Master Dao and others were shocked and almost suffocated.
“The top ten national magicians in the south of the Yangtze River, all have come, how could this be!”
Tiger’s eyelids jumped wildly.
He knows that his boss is tough, but facing the more terrifying Kong Sheng and others, he doesn’t have the slightest assurance in his heart.
Not only him!
The Iron-faced Gray Wolf and others almost cried with joy.
Suddenly, he shouted respectfully and fanatically to Kong Sheng:
“Master, please avenge my apprentices and grandchildren! My wolf hall was destroyed, and my gray wolf was destroyed. My fourth, third, and second brothers, too They’ve all been scrapped!”
“Even my master was seriously injured! Please master the justice!”
said the iron-faced gray wolf, and the whole person was so excited that he rolled down from the wheelchair, and then worked hard. Kneeling on the ground, weeping bitterly at Kong Sheng and others.
The voice was extremely sad.
See this scene!
The seriously injured Zheng Tianci, Li Xiong and others, as if seeing a savior, knelt to the ground in the direction of Kong Sheng and others, crying:
“Please revenge for us!”
“Please revenge for us!” !”
“…” A voice, stern and crazy.
When it fell in Kong Sheng’s ears, his old face instantly turned gloomy and almost dripped water!
He couldn’t think that his disciples and grandchildren would end up so miserably.
There were six masters and apprentices, the master was seriously injured, and the four major disciples were abolished. The cost was extremely painful.
“A bunch of waste, wine and rice bags!!!”
In Kong Sheng’s muddy old eyes, there was a splash of lustre, and he screamed at King Kong and the others:
“King Kong, you have lost the face of the old man ! Master Lin helped us improve our practice and become a teacher. His cultivation base is advancing with each passing day, and only then did Mr. Lin’s advice be taught to you!”
“But I didn’t expect you to be so unbelievable! Not only the one who lost my Kong Sheng, but also the master Lin’s. People!”

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