Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 330

Yes, they don’t understand, how special is this situation.
They came to worship Grandmaster Xie Lin?
As a result, did you work with others?
In particular, was someone scrapped directly from the beginning to the end?
Is there anything more sad in this world?
“Naturally because of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!” A hint of playfulness appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth.
And his words!
Let Kong Sheng and everyone else, their expressions changed, and they all looked at the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.
In his gaze, everything was stunned and cold.
At this moment, the iron-faced gray wolf only felt as if he was being penetrated by a series of sharp swords, making him horribly cold.
Kneeling on the ground quickly, and then facing the direction of Lin Fan in the stands, he kept kowtow and shouted:
“Master Lin, forgive me! Master Lin, forgive me! The kid didn’t know it was your old man. Please forgive me for the offense!”
Tie The face wolf was completely panicked.
after all!
Whether it was the battle at the Wolf Hall or the battle here, it was almost all caused by him, and he could not escape the blame!
Seems to think of something!
The Iron-faced Gray Wolf hurriedly raised his head, pointed to Duan Chun next to him, and said,
“Master Lin, it is this person! This person is the cause behind the incident!”
As soon as these words came out, whether it was Kong Sheng and others, or King Kong’s master and apprentice, all their expressions changed.
They didn’t expect that the fuse that caused all their masters and apprentices to be abolished this time turned out to be such a dull young master.
But Duan Chun obviously didn’t expect that the Iron-faced Gray Wolf would sell himself in a blink of an eye.
However, he still pretended to be calm and said:
“Huh! What if it is me!”
“I just look at this surname Lin! Also, I am not from your martial arts world, I am the young master of the Red Maple Group!”
“Don’t think about using force against me, otherwise, even if I use up all my contacts, I will definitely not let you go!”
Duan Chun knew that he had no future at all!
The only way to get out now is to move out of his backer, the Red Maple Group, and let these people cast a rat avoidance.
As long as he escaped here, he vowed that he would never come to Jiangshi for the rest of his life, nor would he see the devil Lin Fan for a lifetime!
After hearing about the Red Maple Group.
Among the ten great martial arts masters
, there was a sneer of disdain: “Isn’t it just a little red maple? It’s a little red maple? I dare to deal with Master Lin, it’s almost dead!”
“Yes! In that case, Then it’s time for a few old things of us to send a meeting gift to Master Lin!”
Several of the great martial arts masters talked and laughed, and then picked up their mobile phones one by one.
Suddenly made the phone call.
Seeing this scene, for some reason, Duan Chun’s heart instantly showed a bad feeling.
“Ten great martial arts masters! Qiu Renjie, Tian Feng, Li Zhixiong…”
When you think of the names of these martial arts masters!
Duan Chun’s eyes went round instantly.
He remembered.
Among them, the enemies Jie, Tian Feng, and Li Zhixiong are not just the masters of the Chinese martial arts.
They are even the previous generation owners of the famous enemies, the Tian family, and the Li family in Jiangnan Province.
More than ten years ago, after these old antiques retired bravely, they only devoted themselves to studying Chinese martial arts.
The countless properties such as the enemy family have been handed over to future generations.
And now…
Duan Chun’s complexion turned pale after brushing, and he instantly felt that he seemed to be the Red Maple Group and had caused a disaster.
Just when Duan Chun was in a daze, his cell phone rang instantly.

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