Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 331

Jingle Bell!
After hearing the sound of the bell, Duan Chun’s face was instantly pale as paper.
As if this is not a telephone ringing, but a life-death ringing.
“No…no! Are these old guys really having trouble with their own Red Maple Group for the sake of Lin Fan?”
“Also, they have been retired for more than ten years, so there should be nothing happening. Question!”
Duan Chun’s palms were shaking.
He seemed to be comforting himself, and after murmured a few words, he could only bite the bullet and took out his phone.
I suddenly saw that the caller ID on the mobile phone was his father, the chairman of the Red Maple Group!
“Hey! Dad…”
Answering the phone, Duan Chun wanted to say something.
But just as his words were uttered, on the other end of the phone, a roar filled with deep horror and anger resounded instantly:
“Duan Chun, what did you do? Why did the Qiu Group, Li Group, Several chaebols in the Tian Group called one after another to suppress our Red Maple in an all-round way!”
“Wocao Nima, our company’s account has also been frozen! The Economic Crime Investigation Division has now gone to Our group headquarters!”
“Who did you provoke?”
Duan Chun could hear his father’s panic and fear even though he was on the phone.
And this sentence, like a bolt from the blue sky, made Duan Chun’s whole head blank, and the phone snapped and fell to the ground, completely broken.
Their Red Maple Group, because of him, this dude, unexpectedly came to an end in a breath!
How could this be?
Duan Chun raised his head and looked stupidly at the shadow of Lin Fan.
In his eyes at this moment, Lin Fan was as terrifying as a devil.
It’s just that at this moment, no one around has pity for Duan Chun.
As Kong Sheng’s gaze turned, he stared at the iron-
faced gray wolf: “Duan Chun has already been punished, and you ran into Master Lin, and your sin is unforgivable!”
“From today, you have been expelled from the teacher. Door!”
This sentence also made the body of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf tremble fiercely.
He knew he was over.
But he has no unwillingness, no resentment, only regret.
Regret to provoke Lin Fan, regret to deal with this devil.
Right now, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was facing the direction of Lin Fan and Kong Sheng with a pale face, and kowtowed his head again, tearfully confessing: “Thank you, Master Lin, for his mercy, and Master for his maintenance! ”
Until then!
Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction.
To be honest, he has no interest at all in Duan Chun and Iron Face Gray Wolf.
In his eyes, this kind of person does not even have the qualifications to give him a second look.
Otherwise, he only needs a phone, and these people will completely disappear from the world.
“Let’s go!”
Lin Fan didn’t have time to stay, he had to go back to prepare dinner for the Bai Yi family.
With a wave of his hand, he carried the basket and walked towards the door.
Until Lin Fan left the theater, everyone here breathed a sigh of relief.
too frightening!
Whether it is the bigwigs in Jiang City or everyone in Yunhai City, their complexions are extremely complicated.
After all, what has happened today has shocked them, I am afraid that they will be unforgettable for a lifetime!
At this moment, Qi Siyuan, who was hiding in the corner of the theater, looked at the back of Lin Fan leaving at this moment, his complexion was extremely complicated.

Unprobable guy!” Qi Siyuan felt extremely grateful. After all, he was just slapped twice by Lin Fan, but he didn’t have any feuds.
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Duan Chun.
Duan Chun is the eldest young master of the Jiangnan Red Maple Group, and now, just because he provokes that guy, the Red Maple Group collapsed in a mere breath.
This also made Qi Siyuan’s heart list Lin Fan as a list of unprovoked terrorists.

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