Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 351

“How could this be?”
” Does Lin Fan know that this piece in his hand is a devil machine?”
Chu Yu immediately thought of this question and asked Zhang Tianli incredulously.
After he saw Zhang Tianli nodded, Chu Yu’s scalp numb.
“Oh my god! How is this possible! Since Lin Fan knows this is a devil machine, how can he take it out casually?”
“Moreover, he also let the Bai Yi family use the devil machine to smash walnuts? Isn’t he crazy? ”
Can’t believe it.
In Chu Yu’s eyes, if anyone in this world possesses a devil machine, he will definitely be like a family heirloom, and he can’t wait to enshrine and treasure it.
And now?
Not only did Lin Fan casually put the Devil Machine in his trouser pocket, he even gave it to Shen Yumei and the others to smash walnuts.
This is definitely something a madman can do.
And Zhang Tianli next to him was equally shocked and unbelievable, and said complicatedly:
“The reason why Mr. Lin knew that this was a devil’s machine, he would take it out to smash walnuts for the Bai Yi family. There is only one explanation!
” That is, the Devil Machine is not precious in his eyes!”
“In other words, the things that we treat as gods, are not even as happy as the Baiyi family!”
Chu Yu wanted to explode at this moment.
What kind of idiot logic is this.
That’s the devil machine. Take it out, enough to shake the treasure of the global mobile phone industry, and now, it’s not as happy as the Baiyi family’s smile.
Chu Yu seemed to have thought of something.
A trace of fear emerged on his face, and the whole body trembled involuntarily as if sieve chaff:
“The reason Lin Fan doesn’t care is that he is the real master of the Devil Machine!”
“If he is the owner of the Devil’s machine, doesn’t it mean that the previous call on the Devil’s machine is likely to be the business queen of Cather Rowling!”
When this guess came out, Chu Yu seemed to have seen a ghost, her face pale.
Cather Rowling!
This name is a god-like horror in shopping malls around the world.
Since her debut, no one can beat the mall.
Established the giant Universal Group in one hand.
There are even more rumors!
Behind Cather Rowling, there is a mysterious force that is so terrifying to unimaginable.
No one dares to rival!
It is precisely because of the escort of this mysterious force that Cather Rowling’s business path seems to be unstoppable.
“Also, Kaiser Rowling kind of person, how might the wrong number?”
“So, the king of her mouth, not the name! …… but her king! Lin Fan!”
When this outburst .
Chu Yu and Zhang Tianli were almost scared to pee.
Especially Chu Yu!
He was already 80% convinced of Lin Fan’s true identity, but he seemed to be dreaming, and he couldn’t imagine that he actually saw such a big person.
Even more frightening is that he even laughed at each other.
“Lao Zhang, I…I’m over! Our Chu family is over!”
“I offended Lin Fan, I laughed at him! As long as he said a word, Cather Rowling’s finger moved, and our Chu family would be wiped out!”
Thought of this!
Chu Yu whole person almost started crying:
“No I’m going to Lin Fan …… No, no, Mr. Lin kowtow to apologize only he forgives me, I can live, we live to the Chu family!!!”
So saying, Chu Yu trembled and wanted to go to the car door, but the whole person seemed to be frightened and lost his strength. After opening a few times, he couldn’t open it.
“Master, don’t worry!”
Zhang Tianli hurriedly said comfortingly:
“Before, when I recognized the devil’s machine, I wanted to tell the truth , but it was stopped by Mr. Lin!” “Obviously, he doesn’t want to reveal his true identity! So if you go to apologize to Mr. Lin now, don’t you expose Mr. Lin’s identity and cause the suspicions of the Bai Yi family?”
This sentence made Chu Yu’s body tremble again.
That’s right!
Lin Fan did not hesitate to take out the Devil Machine and smash the walnuts with Bai Yi’s family. It was enough to see that he did not want to expose himself, let alone scare Bai Yi’s family.
And if he went forward rashly, not only would he not be forgiven by Lin Fan, he might even arouse Lin Fan’s anger.
At that time, that will be completely finished!

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