Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 352

“What should I do? Mr. Zhang, you…you help me think about it?”
“I’m an idiot! I’m cerebral palsy! I would laugh at someone like Mr. Lin, what am I…”
Chu Yu was scared at the moment, completely square inch. Chaos.
And hearing this, Zhang Tianli this said:
“!! Master, be assured before you laugh too though Lin, but he was the kind of person, how you will laugh at this little of the language, the mind,”
“not to mention , You are still Miss Bai Yi’s primary school classmate, I believe Mr. Lin will never deal with you! ”
In a word, Chu Yu’s eyes lit up slightly.
That’s right!
A man who can be made king by Cather Rowling doesn’t care about his little reptile at all.
Thought of this!
Chu Yu let out a long sigh of relief. Only then did he realize that within a short time, his back was completely wet with sweat.
However, immediately afterwards, a thick complex color appeared on Chu Yu’s face:
“Oh…I only found out now that I am so ridiculous and so small!”
“Before, I wanted to see Bai Yi, and even wished it He snatched Bai Yi from Mr. Lin’s hands, but now I know that he is such an idiot!” A deep bitterness appeared in Chu Yu’s heart.
Facing the man who was made king by Catherine Rowling, he really understood how small and powerless he was.
Not only myself, but even their Chu family!
Just a word from Lin Fan and a trace of anger is enough to burn all of their Chu family into slag.
And hear this!
Zhang Tianli next to him, looking in the direction of Bai Yi’s house, is also full of complexity and inexplicable:
“Oh…who can imagine that there is such a dragon hidden in Xiaoxiaojiang City!”
“However, I feel that some people are going to be unlucky!”
Zhang Tianli’s words made Chu Yu stunned, and asked in confusion:
“Old Zhang, some people you said are unlucky, who are you referring to?”
“Some enthusiasts who are obsessed with Devil Machines!” Zhang Tianli’s expression was complicated. He said:
“In the past, it was always a mystery that the Devil Machine fell in the hands of someone! This also made many electronic enthusiasts have been obsessed with the legend of the Devil Machine, and even many fanatics have been testing the Devil Machine. Signal tower!”
“And now, Mr. Lin’s devil machine is turned on, and even answered a phone call, I am afraid that it will be detected by those people! They are likely to be like flies smelling blood, swarming!”
What !
Hearing Zhang Tianli’s words, Chu Yu’s expression changed slightly:

Old Zhang, what news did you get?” Zhang Tianli nodded, and then said:
“As far as I know, some supercars in Jiangnan City have recently The members of the princelings have come to Jiangshi! And those people are so enthusiastic about supercars and electronic equipment! This time, they are likely to find the devil machine! ”
Jiangnan super princelings!
Chu Yu’s expression changed when she heard this name.
He also heard about those people.
It is said that every member of the princeling party is the second generation of super rich, noble sons of major chaebols.
The favorite things of these people are racing cars, electronics, and women!
Once they really discovered the Devil Machine, the conflict with Lin Fan could not be avoided.
Thought of this!
Chu Yu couldn’t help but shook his head indifferently, and began to mourn for those princelings members in his heart:
“If those princelings know that not only them, but even the chaebol family behind them, they would be nothing but ants and reptiles in front of Mr. Lin. I am afraid that these people will be scared to pee!”
Chu Yu seemed to have seen the sad end of those princelings.
Discussing with Zhang Tianli at the moment, how to get a relationship with Lin Fan in the future, while driving, slowly leave.

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