Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 361

“Xiao…Xiaofan, I’m fine!”
Seeing Lin Fan’s arrival, Shen Yumei suddenly showed a deep apology and guilt on her face:
“Mom, I’m sorry, your phone is very valuable! Mom has no eyes, it’s unexpected. Take it and run around, now I have lost it to you, what can I do?”
Shen Yumei apologized to the extreme.
When he heard this, Lin Fan shook his head and comforted:
“Mom! That piece of mobile phone is nothing, you lose it!”
“It’s just…” As he said, Lin Fan looked at Shen Yumei’s face. That bright red palm print flashed with a hint of chill in his eyes:
“Where are those who beat you? Where did they go?”
The fat boss and others, when first heard Lin Fan said that he didn’t care about the phone, he thought the child was obedient and filial.
When Lin Fan asked Tian Hao and the others where they were going, all the good impressions instantly disappeared.
After talking for a long time, isn’t it a reluctant cell phone?
“Xiao…Xiao Fan, if you listen to Mom, let’s not want that cell phone, okay?” Shen Yumei looked at Lin Fan worriedly, and even her eyes were filled with pleading:
“Mom’s fault, I lost you For such a valuable thing, the person who snatched the phone was the Jiangnan princeling! Those people, all of them are powerful and powerful, let alone our wife, even our Bai family is worthless in front of others Just a mention!” “Mom doesn’t want you to have an accident, so let’s forget about it, right?”
Shen Yumei also thought that Lin Fan couldn’t bear the phone.
She pleaded with all her face, for fear that Lin Fan would be impulsive and annoy Tian Hao’s group, which would bring disaster to the end.
And heard Shen Yumei’s persuasion.
The fat boss and others next to him also said:
“Young man, I advise you not to be arrogant. People drive a sports car. You ride an electric car. How can you fight hard against others!”
“Yes! For a mobile phone, it hurts.” His own life is gone, and it will be too late for you to regret it!”
“Oh…there is the Jiangnan princeling, you are a little son-in-law, what do you use to fight against others?”
In the eyes of the fat boss and others, Lin Fan is just an ordinary person, this kind of person, Tian Hao’s princes, can be crushed countless times with one finger.
Fight with others?
Just looking for death!
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t seem to hear the words of the people around him at all. He gently said to Shen Yumei:
“Mom! That phone is really not important to me!”
“But you are Bai Yi’s mother. It’s my mother! I swear that no one can move your family! No Tian Hao, no Tian Group! Even if all the chaebols in Jiangnan Province are tied together,…no! ”
Lin Fan’s words were full of arrogance and domineering.
Those words, as if for the Bai Yi family, he even did not hesitate to wipe out all the wealthy chaebols in Jiangnan Province.
If this sentence fell in the ears of Hu Ye and others, they would not be surprised.
Because in their eyes!
One word from his own boss is enough to wipe out all the chaebol families in Jiangnan Province.
But now!
When Shen Yumei, the fat boss and others heard it, they all looked at Lin Fan as if they were lunatics.
The fat boss leaned forward and back together with a smile. He seemed to have heard a big joke, and pointed to Lin Fan and said:
“Young man, are you not afraid that the wind will flash your tongue? No way for Tian Hao, no for Tian’s group, Jiangnan all The chaebols are tied together, it’s not alright? Do you think you’re the king of heaven? Really, you don’t know who you are. Isn’t it just a rider on a broken electric bike? What kind of bragging!”

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