Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 362

It’s not just a fat boss.
The rest of the customers shook their heads one by one, looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.
“Cut! When this guy really faces Tian Hao and those people, if you don’t scare you, I will walk upside down!”
“Yes, really young and vigorous, he can’t imagine how terrible the power of Tian Hao and others is!
” …”
Everyone shook their heads.
No one believed Lin Fan’s words at all.
It’s just that they laughed, not finished!
He was shocked to hear the buzzing sound of engines, resounding once again on the road ahead.
Under the dim night!
Lanes of car lights appeared in front of everyone.
The long queue of densely packed convoy, galloping from the east of the road.
Especially the cars, they stopped in front of everyone.
The leading car is the Rolls-Royce Phantom!
“My God, Phantom! This license plate seems to belong to the Shengshi Club?” The fat boss just felt his heart beating wildly.
He couldn’t imagine how the luxury cars of the Shengshi Club would appear here, especially with a team.
It’s more than that!
Under the shocking sight of Shen Yumei, the fat boss and others.
The doors of Rolls Royce and that car were all opened.
Then, a coquettish woman in a red dress, with one big suit man after another, walked out of the car.
“That’s…Blood Rose! The big sister of the Shengshi Club!”
The moment I saw the blood rose, whether it was the fat boss or everyone around him, there was a feeling of scalp tingling.
Blood Rose, this is definitely a legendary name in Jiangshi.
No one knows her origin!
No one knows her identity!
But everyone knows that she is managing the Shengshi Club. No matter whether it is a person of black and white, no one dares to provoke it. Even a fierce figure like Tiger Lord is just her little brother, nothing more.
This is definitely a super queen of the Jiangshi Underground World!
It’s just that no one can imagine how this mysterious woman would appear here.
“The person behind her is Nancheng Tiger Lord!” A sentence made everyone even more upset.
But this is just the beginning!
Under everyone’s dumbfounded!
After the blood rose got out of the car, he brought the big men in dense suits and walked towards everyone.
Especially, when she came to Lin Fan’s body, that enchanting pretty face instantly showed strong respect and fanaticism.
With dozens of big guys, he bowed deeply to Lin Fan:
“BOSS! Here we come!!!”
When the words of the blood rose resounded, after looking at the densely packed figure, bowing and saluting.
In front of the entire mobile phone shop, the air seemed to freeze instantly.
Whether it was Shen Yumei or the fat boss and others, they couldn’t believe their eyes, and they couldn’t believe their ears either.
Lin Fan?
Everyone’s eyes looked at the Blood Rose, Tiger Lord and others who were bowing, then looked at Lin Fan.
It was like a bolt from the blue sky, falling on everyone, causing their bodies to start trembling involuntarily.
They seemed to have discovered something terrible, and they were all in awe.
But this is just the beginning!

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