Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 368

And not far away!
The mysterious masked girl, after hearing this, a pair of beautiful eyes revealed a thick complex color:
“You ants, how can you understand his power!”
Masked The girl shook her head and ignored it.
Not only her!
, After Xuzai Heng and Zhang Tian hear the word, the two also draw a mouth.
The big boss behind the Tianlong Group, the mysterious boss of the Shengshi Club!
If such characters are all rubbish, then this group of rich second generations who are gnawing on the old, are what they are.
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian wanted to refute.
But at this moment!
The hum of an engine resounded in the distant night.
Everyone was taken aback. They didn’t expect that besides them, there would be people coming to Tuoluo Mountain.
It’s more than that!
Everyone found that the buzzing sound in the dark night, like the roar of a giant dragon, quickly reached the extreme.
From a distance, it seems to be galloping towards this place at an incredible speed.
“Huh? In this mountain road, the speed seems to have reached one hundred and five, how can it be so fast? Didn’t this guy slow down when he encountered a curve?”
Qiu Jie’s ears moved, and he kept moving. Listen to that buzzing sound.
After listening for a full minute, he could hardly tell what kind of car it was:
“Strange! Who of you can tell, what model is this car? What kind of supercar?”
Qiu Jie couldn’t help looking at the supercar members beside him.
For people like them who play cars all the year round.
Only the hum of the engine is enough to determine what type of engine it is, and then guess which type of car it is.
But now…
everyone shook their heads one after another, their faces full of incredible:
“I can’t hear it, strange, it seems that there is no such kind of engine for supercars! This noise is too heavy!”
“Yes, why listen I don’t want to be the sound of a supercar engine, but if it’s not a supercar, on this rugged mountain road, what kind of car can drive so fast!”
Everyone talked about it, and every face wrote it all. Deeply puzzled.
Only one of the girls seemed to have thought of something, her face was full of unbelievable, and she said cowardly:
“I… I listen to something like the sound of a Santana engine?”
“Maybe I was listening. Wrong!”
The girl shook her head, as if she couldn’t believe it herself.
And heard this.
Wow… the surrounding Qiu Jie and others burst into laughter instantly.
“Hahaha…Lorring, are you stupid? Whose Santana can drive so fast on such rugged mountain roads!”
“Yes, Santana’s lights, forget it. In such a dark night , This kind of mountain road will fall down the cliff in minutes!”
The sounds of laughter from everyone, one after another, instantly made the girl lower her head in shame.
Even she herself started to laugh at herself for being such an idiot.
Whose Santana is so awesome that he can rush to this top mountain at night, even the speed is so amazing, it is absolutely incredible.
The ridicule of everyone has not completely fallen yet!
The hum of the engine, already lightning-like, came to the front of everyone.
When that car appeared in everyone’s sight, everyone was stunned.
Because they see!
This is indeed a… Santana!

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