Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 40

Just call me Xiao Wu!
After hearing Wu Guangrong’s words, Kong Peng was completely stunned and could hardly believe his ears.
But he knew that Wu Guangrong was extremely arrogant and had high eyes. Even a Jiangshi boss of the same level would not be a bird.
And now, he was so respectful in front of Shen Yumei, it was incredible.
It’s more than that!
“Well… these expensive things are all for Aunt Shen?”
Kong Peng looked at the clothes, leather shoes, jewelry calligraphy, sea cucumber and cordyceps and other gifts in the hands of Wu Guangrong and others, completely dumbfounded.
These gifts add up, are they worth ten million?
Thousands of gifts!
For Kong Peng, this is hard to imagine.
“Old… Boss, are you wrong! Aunt Shen’s son-in-law Lin Fan is just a idle waste! Rely on his wife every day to feed, eat and die! What qualifications do you have to visit!”
Kong Pengsheng is afraid of Wu Glory has been pitted, and I quickly reminded:
“And the gift you brought is too expensive! This is worth tens of millions, then Lin Fan is not qualified!”
Hearing Kong Peng’s words, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui behind were also completely shocked.
Thousands of gifts?
They had never seen so much money in their entire lives, let alone such expensive gifts!
At the moment, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui quickly said:
“Boss Wu, you should be clear about it! That Lin Fan is indeed an incompetent trash! Don’t be fooled by him!” “Yes! He is just a dime.” I can’t get the money, how could I be a super VIP of Best Shopping Mall! Boss Wu, you must be mistaken!”
At this moment, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui couldn’t accept it.
After all, just now, they even belittle Lin Fan for nothing!
But now, let the owners and senior executives of Best Mall come to pay a visit in person. How do they accept this huge gap?
Not only Aunt Zhang’s family!
At this moment, even Shen Yumei was unbelievable.
She even suspected that her son-in-law was cheating.
Otherwise, how could Lin Fan have such great ability to let a person like Wu Guangrong come to visit!
A loud slap in the face resounded instantly.
Everyone was shocked to see that Wu Guangrong slapped Kong Peng to the ground with a slap, his face almost dripping with gloomy expression, showing majesty and scorn:
“What are you, dare to say that Mr. Lin is rubbish!

Here comes !” Hearing Wu Guangrong’s words, a senior executive of the group stepped forward quickly.
“From today, this person will be relieved of the manager position in the mall! Never hired!”
When Wu Guangrong’s words fell, Kong Peng, Aunt Zhang and others were ashamed.
How could this be?
Just because Lin Fan was said to be’trash’, Wu Guangrong actually sent out such a thunderous rage, which… is incredible.
“No! Boss Wu, I…I was wrong! I owe you, please don’t fire me, I can’t lose this job!” Kong Peng was scared to pee.
Kneeling on the ground, like a dog, begging Wu Guangrong for mercy.
All his glory is given by Best Market.
And if he loses this job, he will never turn around again.
Not only him!
Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui behind were also so frightened that their faces became earthy and they kept begging.
It’s just that Wu Guangrong didn’t even look at the three of them. He respectfully said to Shen Yumei: “Ms. Shen, please accept these gifts! Otherwise, Mr. Lin will blame it, we can’t afford it!”
Wu Guangrong looked at Xiang Shen Yumei’s gaze even contained a hint of pleading.

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