Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 41

At this moment, Shen Yumei was completely messed up.
She couldn’t figure out what on earth her trash son-in-law did to make a Jiangshi boss humble so much.
“I… my family is too small to put down so many gifts!”
Shen Yumei only felt a headache when looking at the expensive gifts.
And hearing this, Wu Guangrong said quickly:
“!! Ms. Shen assured, given the use of an area of your house, we bring the BES Group’s most elite team of design and decoration will create a cloakroom and storage room for your”
what … …what!
Shen Yumei, Kong Peng and others were a little confused.
They could not imagine that Wu Guangrong even brought the design and decoration team.
But this does not stop.
“Of course, if Ms. Shen is not satisfied, I happen to have a five-hundred-square-meter villa in the Baishihaoting villa area. I will give you gifts and clothes!”
Give the villa?
What’s so special…
Shen Yumei, Kong Peng and others all twitched their mouths, and they all doubted life.
The Baishihaoting villa area, they naturally know that it is the most luxurious and wealthy area in Jiang City.
The villa inside is worth 20,000 yuan per square meter, and more than five hundred square meters is another 10 million yuan!
What is going on in this world?
Shen Yumei had been poor for half her life, and at this moment, I really felt that everyone in this world was crazy.
“Wu… Boss Wu, our Lin Fan is really a super VIP in your mall? When did this happen? You can’t make a mistake, right?”
Shen Yumei’s heart was full of doubts.
“Ms. Shen, don’t worry, Mr. Lin Fan is indeed a super VIP of our Best Shopping Mall! Today, I just handled it!” Wu Guangrong said, taking out a golden card from his pocket.
The exterior of this card is plated with gold, and the corners are also inlaid with a few diamonds.
The cost of the card alone is more than 100,000.
Wu Guangrong respectfully handed the card to Shen Yumei:
“This is a super VIP card! Please take it away, Ms. Shen. From today on, you can use this card to buy at Best Mall at will, everything is free!”
Kong Peng almost fainted.
Any purchase, all free?
Doesn’t this mean that even if Shen Yumei emptied the Best Shopping Mall, Wu Guangrong would say nothing!
Thought of this!
Kong Peng thoroughly understood that Lin Fan absolutely had a terrifying identity, otherwise, how could Wu Guangrong be so respectful and flattering.
At the moment, he turned his body and made a puff, and he knelt in front of Shen Yumei: “Aunt Shen, please help me to speak! I was wrong, I… I shouldn’t say bad things about Mr. Lin, he is Dragon, I am a reptile, please don’t let Boss Wu fire me! Please…” As he said, Kong Peng kept kowtow at Shen Yumei.
And Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui on the side also quickly pleaded to Shen Yumei.
See this scene!
For some reason, Shen Yumei was extremely happy.
“I didn’t expect that Lin Fan, this stinky boy, really has some ability!” A smile appeared on the corner of Shen Yumei’s mouth, and then said to Wu Guangrong: “Boss Wu, you can spare Kong Peng! He is also unintentional! ”
Yes!” Wu Guangrong nodded quickly, and then said to Kong Peng:
“Have you heard! Ms. Shen has interceded for you, otherwise, with your insulting Mr. Lin, I will let you live on the streets and fend for yourself!”
This sentence made Kong Peng Rumeng amnesty:
“The little one knows! Starting today, Mr. Lin is my benefactor, and I will never say anything disrespectful anymore!”
Until then.
Wu Guangrong nodded in satisfaction, and then bowed to Shen Yumei. This led to a group of senior executives and drove away.
Looking at the long luxury caravan, whether it was Shen Yumei, Aunt Zhang, Kong Peng, and others, they were extremely complicated.
Lin Fan!
Who is he… on earth!

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