Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 402

That’s right!
Although it was only a profile face, the KING in the video was exactly the same as Lin Fan’s profile face.
Coupled with the same figure and the same walking posture, almost everyone can be sure that Lin Fan is the global car king KING!
At this moment Qiu Jie, the cold sweat on his forehead rushed down, his eyelids jumped wildly, he swallowed a mouthful of foam, and then said with a shudder:
” That’s it! No wonder he would bend to kill, no wonder he dare A Santana, race with me!”
“It turns out that he is KING!”
Qiu Jie understood why Lin Fan could do the corner kills that global racers couldn’t do one after another , and he was extremely skilled.
It turns out that he is the real master of the corner killing——KING!
Thinking of having a race with KING, and losing so well, all the resentment in Qiu Jie’s heart disappeared, replaced by a deep bitterness.
“No wonder he has a devil machine! Oh my God, we dare to grab KING’s stuff!”
“Yeah, he just let us give up a leg, this is obviously a great gift! If we change to the previous, Thailand will be the first Those who are the head teacher and the Roman Devil Pope will be our end.”
Everyone around the princelings members, their scalps are numb at this moment, and their hearts are simply grateful to the extreme.
However, it still does not stop.
“In addition!” Tian Changfa looked at the crowd and said with complicated words:
“Do you know, who made the last call of the Devil Machine?”
Hearing this, everyone was taken aback.
They located the Devil Machine because of the last call.
And now…
“Dad! What… Who made the last call to KING?”
Tian Hao looked at his father’s solemn expression. For some reason, he only felt his heart beating wildly, almost reaching his throat. eye.
As if he wanted to hear a shocking secret.
“Cather Rowling!”
Dang Tian Changfa said the name with a complicated face.
Tian Hao and everyone in this place were so scared that they almost lay on the ground.
Cather Rowling?
The founder of Universal Group, the most powerful business queen on earth?
how can that be.
The cold sweat on everyone’s forehead continued to flow. Everyone knows that there are very few people on earth who can make Cather Rowling call in person.
Even the heads of states of many countries are not qualified to talk to Rowling.
And now!
“Dad! How did Cather Rowling call Lin Fan suddenly? Is Lin Fan related to Universal Group?”
Tian Hao’s expression completely changed.
Universal Group, that is definitely the most terrifying super chaebol on earth.
Their Tian family, in front of others, even ants and crawlers are not even considered as dust.
If Lin Fan really has something to do with this behemoth, wouldn’t it be said that as long as Lin Fan said a word, their Tian family, and even all the prominent families in the south of the Yangtze River, would be wiped out in a flash?
Thinking of this terrible consequence, Tian Hao and others almost scared to pee.
However, what frightened them even more had just begun.
An incredible look of horror appeared on Tian Changfa’s face:
“I’m afraid you forgot! Some time ago, the chairman of Universal Group has changed!”
“The current Universal Group, whose surname is Lin!”
With just one word, almost everyone thought of Lin Fan, and it was this conjecture.
The princelings could no longer bear the heavy pressure of their hearts, and they were all scared and paralyzed to the ground, their faces all gray.

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