Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 414

Grandpa Bai and others were shocked.
Bai Yi and Bai Shan are full of question marks!
Familiar with confidence?
In their eyes, Tian Changfa and others seemed to have enigmatic confidence in Lin Fan, and they completely agreed with Lin Fan’s bragging words, which made everyone completely dumbfounded.
“Let’s go!”
Grandpa Bai glanced at Lin Fan deeply, and then waved to everyone in the Bai family.
Suddenly, those Bai family members who were about to laugh at Lin Fan closed their mouths!
When the old lady Bai took Baishan and Bai Yifan into a car, Bai Yifan couldn’t wait to scold him angrily:
“Damn it! Unexpectedly, the Sanshu family was out of shit luck ! Not only did they not get revenge from the Jiangnan chaebols” , And even got such a big deal for nothing !” Bai Yifan gritted his teeth with hatred.
Especially, after he thought that Lin Fan had nothing to do, it made him mad.
be quiet!
Bai Yifan was surprised to find that since he got on the car, neither his father Bai Hai nor his grandfather had spoken, making the atmosphere in the car depressed and dull.
Bai Yifan frowned, and then asked his grandfather suspiciously:
“Grandpa, what’s the matter?”
Bai Yifan looked at the expressions of his grandfather and father, and suddenly felt a throb in his heart. An unpleasant premonition surfaced in his heart.
Heard this.
The old man Bai did not look at Bai Yifan at all. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the uncle Bai Hai, and said complicatedly:
“Boss, you must feel it too, right?”
How does it feel?
Bai Yifan was even more confused, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at his father in doubt.
But when he saw the uncle Bai Hai, he nodded with a gray face, and then said:
“Dad, this thing is really wrong! I also feel that Lin Fan has a problem!”
Bai Yifan was stunned. He didn’t expect how to get involved with Lin Fan.
However, before he waited for his inquiry, he heard the old lady Bai, sighing for a long time, and said in a trembling voice:
“Oh…Yes! This matter, from beginning to end, is strange!”
“The princelings Why do you want to snatch Lin Fan’s old machine? Why did Lin Fan’s princelings break their legs? These Jiangnan chaebols actually came here to send money to pay for their crimes?”
“Why did Lin Fan say that Zhang Yichen is fine ?” , Then Tian Changfa and the others will all agree!”
One sentence after another, like a thunder, resounded in Bai Yifan’s ears.
That’s right!
Before Bai Yifan was full of resentment towards Lin Fan, he didn’t think much about it.
At this moment, after hearing the reminder from his grandfather and father, he actually felt a chill in his back.
“Could it be that Lin Fan still has a terrifying identity? Otherwise, how could it be possible for so many Jiangnan chaebols to bow their heads to their ears ?” Bai Yifan asked in disbelief.
And hear this!
Grandpa Bai was also somewhat unacceptable. After all, Lin Fan had lived in Bai’s house for three years and was recognized as a waste. This kind of person hides a shocking identity?
It’s too unbelievable.
Grandpa Bai’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light:
“Yifan, starting from today, you will bring a group of bodyguards from the Bai family. You will install cameras for me near the third house. I want you to monitor Lin Fan day and night! ”
Be sure to also find out who he associates with and what identity he hides!”
“Yes! Grandpa!” Bai Yifan’s face was solemn.
But they can’t imagine.
This action is like a group of ants trying to investigate a peerless mad dragon, ignorant and fearless, sad and ridiculous.

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