Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 428

“How…how could this happen! You, how could you be a top master…”
Master Qiu’s eyes exudes an indescribable light of panic.
Such a young top master, this is considered to be placed in the entire China, and has reached the level of a monster.
Looking at Master Qiu’s horrified and unbelievable appearance.
A simple smile appeared on the blood wolf’s face, and then he took the snakeskin bag from the ground and put it on his shoulders. Then he smiled and said:
“Your news is too backward! I have broken through the top master. It’s been half a month!”
“Another secret, my master, but… Grand Master!”
Grand Master!
These three words fell in the ears of Master Qiu and the others, causing them to open their eyes instantly one by one, and everyone’s eyes flashed with a thick panic.
The Grand Master is a terrifying realm above the Grand Master.
The master defeats the master, like an adult, crushing a child.
Grand Master, against Grand Master, the same is true!
This kind of character is regarded as a top-level existence in China.
“No wonder…” A deep wry smile appeared at the corners of Master Qiu and the others.
And heard this.
The tiger on the ground could not help but spit out a mouthful of scarlet blood, and then raised all his physical strength and screamed frantically at the hotel:
“Little…Miss, run! Run…Run!!!”
Tiger was scared. !
Master Qiu and others are also scared!
Ten of them were defeated in 50 seconds, so no matter how powerful Kong Sheng and Master Xu were, they weren’t Blood Wolf’s opponents at all.
Faced with such a terrible enemy, escape is definitely the only way to survive!
Just heard this!
The blood wolf smiled. He looked at the tiger and others on the ground with a sarcasm, and then said playfully:
“Oh…your reminder, it’s too late!”
“Because your young lady, it seems that he is not a cowardly escaping alone. Only!”
This sentence changed the expressions of Huzi and the others. They seemed to have thought of something, each of them looked as ugly as dead gray.
This is more than that.
The wolf claws of the blood wolf suddenly appeared on Huzi’s neck under a swing.
Just a light move of his wolf claw can definitely tear Huzi’s entire neck completely.
Then, with a pair of blood wolf eyes, he looked inside the hotel playfully, and said with a faint smile:
“Beautiful Miss Zhang Yichen, if you don’t show up again, then the head of your bodyguard will fly slightly!” The blood wolf said. Full of ridicule.
And hear this!
“Stop!” A scolding came from inside the hotel, and then Huzi and the others saw desperately that Zhang Yichen walked out of the hotel under the escort of the two masters of Kong Sheng.
Her pretty face was as white as paper, especially looking at the bodies of the twelve guards, Huzi and others who had fallen to the ground, a trace of misery appeared on her face.
“Miss! Why didn’t you run away? Why…”
Heizi almost cried anxiously at this moment.
He wanted to struggle to get up.
But as soon as he moved, the blood wolf flew up and kicked him out.
It seems to kick a bag of garbage, relaxed and freehand.
Heard this!
Zhang Yichen was silent.
She did not escape, because she knew from the beginning that Lin Fan’s reminder to herself was true.
And being able to make a person like Lin Fan warn himself, this can only show that the person who came to assassinate him is definitely a terrifying existence.
As soon as she left, Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu, etc. all had a dead end.
“Let them go! My life, you take it away!”
Zhang Yichen looked at the blood wolf indifferently, her voice calm.

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