Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 430

A hint of playfulness appeared at the corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth:
“However, before you kill him, you…fall down first!” The words fell, and the wolf claws in the blood wolf’s palm swung down, and Kong Sheng suddenly shot down.
When he reacted, it was too late.
The five sharp thorns of the wolf claws pierced Kong Sheng’s chest fiercely, especially the blood wolf flew up and kicked Kong Sheng away again.
Even if Kong Sheng resisted a few moves, it was still difficult to escape defeat in the end.
this moment!
In the entire field, the only people who can stand are Blood Wolf and Zhang Yichen.
The whole situation is almost dead.
And after seeing this scene!
Fu Ming in the Rolls-Royce cheered thoroughly:
“Hahaha…Master, we succeeded! The top ten Chinese martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River have all lost. Now only Zhang Yichen is alone, waiting for death!”
Fu Ming said. , Falling in the ears of the young man, he also made the other party excited, sprinting again and again:
“Hahaha…Is the day that the young master was waiting finally come? Once Zhang Yichen dies, then the Zhang family is mine! The Zhang family is mine! !” The young man said with a wild laugh, and at the same time ravaged the woman under him severely.
In an instant, let the woman utter miserable screams, constantly coming from the phone.

And among the grass!
The two paparazzi felt cold all over at this moment.
That’s it!
Two bodyguards were seriously injured, and the top ten martial arts masters all lost!
Their gazes looked at Zhang Yichen compassionately, as if they had seen the sad scene of the national goddess Xiang Xiaoyu’s death.
Especially at this moment!
Under the horrified gazes of the two, they saw the blood wolf’s claws waved and pointed to Zhang Yichen in an instant, and then said to Kong Sheng with a sneer:
“Now, I will give you one last chance!”
“Name that person, otherwise , I tore Zhang Yichen’s neck!”
After hearing this, Kong Sheng’s complexion instantly seemed as ugly as dead gray.
Dense sweat flowed violently from his forehead.
Still not talking?
At this moment, Kong Sheng was completely in a dilemma.
Although he knew that Lin Fan had also reached the level of Feiye’s wounding master, he was not sure whether Lin Fan could defeat the blood wolf of the top master.
Once he said Lin Fan’s name, if he harmed Lin Fan, then he would really die.
And if you don’t say it, then Zhang Yichen is…definitely.
“Master Kong, don’t say it!” On Zhang Yichen’s beautiful face, there was no trace of fear, but a faint smile on the corner of his mouth said:
“Don’t worry, I am dead, someone will avenge me!”
Zhang Yichen I don’t know who is the master who taught Kong Sheng.
She only knew that she didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore.
After her death, she even knew that there was a man who would avenge herself, which was enough.
However, when he heard Zhang Yichen’s words, the blood wolf’s complexion completely changed, a trace of fierceness and cruelty appeared in his eyes:
“What a national goddess, she is so reluctant to live and die! If so, then I will kill you and see who dares to avenge you!” The blood wolf is extremely cruel.
In his eyes, if anyone dares to disobey himself, there is only one dead end.
The moment the words fall!
call out!
The steel wolf claws flew out suddenly, and then faced Zhang Yichen’s neck in front of him, and severely tore away.
“Miss Zhang!!!”
Seeing this scene, no matter it was Kong Sheng, Hu Zi, Hei Zi and others, they all uttered sadly.
They were unable to help Zhang Yichen resist, they could only watch, such a beautiful national goddess, who was as beautiful as an immortal and a bodhisattva, fell in front of them.
That strong death breath has completely enveloped Zhang Yichen.
However, her heart was so peaceful.
At this moment, she was as if she had returned to the Caribbean three years ago, with the figure of that man in her mind.
“Brother Lin, I like you. If you miss this life, I will meet you again in the next life!”
A sweet smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. For her, it is worthwhile to meet that man in this life.
A teardrop fell from the corner of Zhang Yichen’s eyes. She closed her eyes and waited for death to come.
Three meters!
one meter!
Half a meter!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the death wolf claw had already pierced in front of her.
It only takes one second to tear her neck apart!
But at this moment!
A big hand, as if out of the void, suddenly protruded, and then grabbed the wolf claw in his hand.

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