Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 467

Da da da!
At this moment, under the shocking sight of Shen Yuzhi’s family, one figure after another appeared at the door.
The head is an old man.
A Tang suit, full of energy.
Between the whole person’s gestures, there is a thrilling coercion from the superior.
After seeing this old man, Zhu Zhide and others only felt as if they were dreaming:
“You are… Mr. Fei?”
Fei Lao!
Another legend in Yunhai City.
He established the Fei Family, the No. 1 wealthy family in Yunhai, and the business territory spans more than a dozen urban areas such as Yunhai and Jiangshi.
He was even named an idol by all the businessmen in Yunhai City.
What made Zhu Zhide and others unimaginable was that Fei Lao, the pinnacle of Yunhai City, came to their home as well.
Could it be… because of Lin Fan?
Thinking of this possibility, the heart of Shen Yuzhi’s family almost reached his throat.
This is more than that.
They also saw that, behind Fei Lao, there were also business tycoons following Yunhai’s second richest Qi family, third richest Zhou family, and other business tycoons.
“Fei… Mr. Fei, why are you here?”
Zhu Zhide bit his head and asked with a trembling voice.
And heard this.
On the vicissitudes of Fei’s face, there was a strong enthusiastic smile, and he said straight:
“I heard that the great doctor Lin came to our Yunhai City! As a member of Yunhai City, why didn’t I come to see my savior— —Mr. Lin! ”
Doctor Lin?
Could it be that this genius doctor Lin also refers to… Lin Fan?
Thought of this, just to feel they have to Zhuzhi De heart, so he almost choked:
“old charges, you said Lin geniuses, is not it …… Lin Fan?”
“Yes it is, Mr. Lin Fan”!!
When the old charges After confirmation with a smile on his face.
Shen Yuzhi’s family felt dizzy and dizzy.
Master Lin!
Doctor Lin!
Their family couldn’t imagine how many terrifying identities Lin Fan had hidden, and every one of them was a scary existence.
Especially now.
Shen Yuzhi’s family, looking at the collection curator Ma Lao and others, the underground giant King Kong and others, and the business legend Fei Lao and others, just felt as if they had had a dream.
All of Yunhai’s top bosses gathered in their home just to meet Lin Fan, who was mocked and attacked by their family.
This shock.
This panic.
Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru were almost scared to pee.
“No…not good!” At this moment, Zhang Kaiming thought of something, his face was sullen, and he turned pale. He tremblingly said to many big brothers:
“Everyone, Mr. Lin broke off Qin Gongzi of the Qin Group before. With five fingers, after Mr. Lin left, Gongzi Qin had received the news, and he was afraid that he was going to contain Mr. Lin now! ”
Zhang Kaiming’s words changed the complexions of all the big guys in the field.
What they worry about is naturally not Lin Fan’s safety.
After all, in their eyes, Lin Fan is a great master, how can his godlike existence be harmed by the Qin Group’s revenge.
What makes all the big guys angry is that there are people in Yunhai City who are daring to provoke Mr. Lin. This is damnable.
“Okay! Okay!”
“I didn’t expect that a small Qin group, an ant-like consortium, would have the courage to provoke the old man’s lifesaver! Very good!” The smile on Fei’s face gradually became cold.
Then, he turned his gaze and looked at the Qi family behind him:
“Old Qi! If I remember correctly, the Qin Group is just a dog under your Qi family!”
“Now, your dog dares to face Mr. Lin. Yap, do you know how to do the rest?”

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