Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 468

The Qin Group is a dog of the Qi family!
That’s right!
In the eyes of giants like Fei and Qi, second-line chaebols are at best their dogs, nothing more.
Hearing this, the Qi family nodded quickly:
“Brother, don’t worry! Don’t say it is a dog of our Qi family, even if it is our Qi family, dare to provoke Mr. Lin, I am like an old bone Let him die!” The words of the old man Qi were icy.
And the two business giants, with one question and one answer, have completely doomed the fate of the Qin Group.
And this scene fell in the eyes of Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru, and it made their hearts bitter to the extreme.
This is the gap!
Their husband and wife were in the Qin Group with a horror, working hard in exchange for a poor salary.
And what about Lin Fan?
Just because the young master of the Qin Group wanted to retaliate against him, he was shocked by the giants such as the Fei Family and the Qi Family and wanted to uproot the Qin Group.
This is the difference between dragons and ants!

And at the same time!
On the road in Yunhai City, a Mercedes-Benz car was driving slowly.
It’s just that Bai Yi in the car is extremely irritable.
She didn’t even know what happened to the Zhu family at this moment.
She only knew that her husband broke the birthday gift of her aunt in order to show off, and even more to fight for face, painted an unknowingly painting, which was laughed at.
“Lin Fan…”
Bai Yi turned his head and looked at Lin Fan with disappointment.
“What’s the matter? Wife!” Lin Fan asked with a smile as if there was no shame in his consciousness.
Seeing Lin Fan’s nonchalant expression, Bai Yi’s mouth twitched slightly, and his heart became even more frustrated.
She couldn’t understand how Lin Fan did it, embarrassed, but didn’t care.
“Lin Fan, can you stop being so foolish in the future?”
“Do you know that at my aunt’s house just now, what you did not only lost face to you and me, but also made the aunt who celebrated her birthday. All your face!”
“You do this so that I will have the face to see my auntie in the future!”
Bai Yi’s heart was raging and crackled, and he slapped Lin Fan for a while.
Just hear these words.
Lin Fan’s mouth twitched, but he still shrugged indifferently:
“My wife, don’t worry! Now, the aunt’s family should be thanking us!”
“Even, we will be related to us because of our relationship. And proud!”
Lin Fan’s words made Bai Yi completely stunned.
Thank us?
Isn’t this crazy?
Bai Yi was immediately flushed with anger by Lin Fan’s words. She turned her head and didn’t want to look at Lin Fan again.
It was in the Mercedes-Benz car, just turned a corner.
Lin Fan suddenly stepped on the brakes, and the entire Mercedes-Benz suddenly emitted black smoke from the tires. It stopped abruptly and stopped.
“Lin Fan, you…what are you doing!”
Bai Yi was startled, she was startled and angry, and wanted to scold Lin Fan.
Just at this moment.
She saw the corners of Lin Fan’s mouth, with a faintly cold arc, and a pair of eyes, staring at the roadside in front of the car window, lightly said:
“My wife, revenge is here!”
Bai Yi was shocked when he said this.
She hurriedly looked to the front, and suddenly saw a large truck rushing from the front, and instantly crossed the roadside in front, blocking the entire road.

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