Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 471

“Little beast, aren’t you very arrogant? Get out of the car, come on, my male brother and more than a hundred brothers will greet you well!” At this moment, outside the Mercedes-Benz, Qin Shou The laughter was extremely rampant.
He patted the front hood of the Mercedes-Benz car vigorously and yelled at Lin Fan.
“Get down! Otherwise, I will crush your car into iron mud!”
Qin Shouyou and Li Xiong and others supported, the roaring sound became louder.
And just after his words left!
The door of the Mercedes-Benz suddenly opened, and then Lin Fan and Bai Yi slowly walked down.
And the moment I saw Lin Fan.
Li Xiong’s originally dismissive look suddenly froze, and a look of seeing a ghost appeared on his face.
Li Xiong rubbed his eyes, and when he was sure, Lin Fan’s face.
His whole face changed drastically.
Dense cold sweat rushed down from his forehead.
Qin Shou next to him didn’t even see his reaction.
Qin Shou’s gaze was always on Lin Fan, and he shouted with a stern face:
“Boy, you are quite courageous! You really dare to get out of the car!”
“Okay! Tell me, you want me to interrupt Which leg of yours?” In Qin Shou’s voice, there was a ferocious sentence, which made Bai Yi’s pale complexion even more bloodless.
She hurriedly stopped in front of Lin Fan, and then said to Qin Shou:
“Qin… Young Master Qin, we had a misunderstanding before, can you spare my husband!”
“We can compensate, as long as you say an amount!”
Bai Yi panicked.
How could she bear to look at Lin Fan and be interrupted by someone, which made her unacceptable.
Just, compensation?
“You woman, don’t you have a brain? Who am I, Qin Shou, young master of the Qin Group, will I be short of your three melons and two dates?”
Qin Shou said, with that face The ferocious, more and more full-bodied.
He stretched out his left hand, pointed at Lin Fan, and shouted frantically:
“Boy, tell me what to do?”
What should I do?
Lin Fan smiled slightly, and then took a deep look at Qin Shou, before he said,
“You really don’t want compensation?”
“Joke! I don’t want your compensation. What I want is your legs and feet! I do. Break your legs and hands, let you be a crippled person for a lifetime!” Qin Shou’s face was full of viciousness.
And this sentence made Bai Yi’s pretty face paler.
Just when Bai Yi wanted to continue to help Lin Fan intercede.
But I saw Lin Fan smile and became more brilliant:
“Okay! In that case, then I agree, interrupt my hands and feet, and be a waste of my life!”
Bai Yi was stunned!
Qin Shou is dumbfounded!
Why didn’t they believe that Lin Fan actually agreed?
Is this guy an idiot?
When someone wanted to interrupt his legs and feet, he actually agreed to it, which is unbelievable.
This is more than that.
Qin Shou and Bai Yi saw that after Lin Fan’s words fell.
Li Xiong, the poisonous eagle, walked straight ahead and slowly.
Da da da!
His footsteps were steady and powerful, and there was a bloody and brutal air all over his body.
Especially, when he took a baseball bat from a strong man next to him, he stepped forward aggressively.
Seeing this scene, Qin Shou immediately thought that Li Xiong would personally take revenge for himself, and he was immediately ecstatic:
“Hahaha…Brother Xiong ! This kid agreed, you go, let him know how powerful Yunhai people are! Break his leg, break his foot! Make him disabled for life! Hahaha…”

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