Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 526

Lanhai Building is renamed-New Baishi Group!
As soon as this news came out, Jiang City was shaken.
However, this does not stop. When it is heard that Cai Guofu will transfer all the industries under his name to Bai Yi for free, even after Cai Guofu’s brothers have evaporated.
Jiang City shook, and almost everyone could not imagine how Bai Yi did it.
During the trip to the sea of ​​clouds in just two days, he accepted billions of assets. This terrifying rate of gold absorption simply fell below everyone’s attention.
From this moment on, the New Bai Group has completely entered people’s eyes, and even everyone has a premonition that this is the rise of a business legend and the beginning of the Bai Group’s downfall.
Bai family!
All the senior Bai family gathered together, but the atmosphere was dull and suffocating.
On the floor of the main hall, there are two people kneeling, it is Bai Hai and Bai Yifan.
At this moment, the faces of the father and son were as ugly as dead gray, and there was a faint unbelievable in their expressions.
“Dad! This thing is really weird. Brother Cai Guofu is in the sea of ​​clouds, but they are so rebellious! How can they be for no reason, evaporate from the world, and even such a huge amount of industry, cheap Bai Yi’s dead girl!”
Uncle Bai Hai looked at the old lady, his face full of bitterness.
And Bai Yifan shook his head vigorously, and said:
“Grandpa, I always feel that all this has nothing to do with Bai Yi, but with Lin Fan!”
Hearing this, Mrs. Bai’s eyes narrowed slightly:
“Yifan, you continue to say!” At this moment, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on Bai Yifan.
Bai Yifan took a deep breath, and said the incredible guess in his heart:
“Grandpa, I have already inquired clearly. When in the sea of ​​clouds, Lin Fan had friction with Cai Guofu’s younger brother Cai Guoquan, which led to Cai Guoquan.
His hands and feet were interrupted by Shengsheng!” “For this, Cai Guofu was furious, and even sent a killer to assassinate Lin Fan!”
“But somehow, all the four killers died! Instead, Cai finally died. Brother Guofu also disappeared without a trace!” That said.
Bai Yifan actually felt a faint coldness on his back, thinking of Lin Fan’s delicate face, he actually had a chilling illusion.
“Also, the ultimate beneficiary this time is Bai Yi!”
“But I think Lin Fan is the master of this incident!”
“It is him who let Brother Cai Guofu transfer free of charge and the world has evaporated!” cattle let fear cloud Kui, who arrested Wu Xuepeng, is his! ”
After Bai Yifan’s guess, the entire Bai family was in an uproar.
The faces of all the Bai family members were full of incredible colors.
After all, the former Lin Fan was just a worm in their eyes, just lazy waste.
But now!
It seems that every incredible thing has the shadow of Lin Fan, which also makes Lin Fan’s identity more difficult to guess and extremely mysterious.
At this moment, even the old lady Bai felt a tingling scalp: “It seems that Lin Fan is no longer as simple as we saw before!”
“However, all at present is just our guess, nothing more!
” Now, we have a more important thing to do!”
More important thing?
Hearing this, all the Bai family’s gazes turned towards Grandpa Bai.
“The New Bai Group has become our enemy!”
“So we urgently need a strong ally, that is… Jiangnan Shengshi Group!”
“And in a few days, the young master of the Shengshi Group’s second shareholder will come. When we arrive in Jiang City, our Bai family must get in touch with this person at all costs!”

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