Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 599

“This…Is this blood shadow tracking?” After seeing this posture, both Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain were shocked.
They have naturally heard of this type of shenfa.
This is one of the strongest secrets of Blood Buddha.
Back then, the Blood Buddha Tu used this method to keep the slaughtered chickens and dogs of a huge force in the northwest, and the corpses piled up.
And now!
They didn’t expect that this terrifying secret technique would appear again on the blood wolf.
“Hurry up!!”
Leng Aotian’s expression changed drastically, and he yelled at Helan Mountain, and he wanted to dodge quickly to the side.
Helan Mountain’s reaction was not slow.
When he missed a punch, the whole person wanted to move to the side and rush away.
But just when his old power was exhausted and the new power was not born.
A sense of horrible crisis emerged from the bottom of his heart, causing every hair on his body to stand upside down.
“Not good…”
Helanshan only felt his scalp numb for a while.
That feeling, as if a devil appeared behind him, made his heart tremble to the extreme.
“Blast me!”
Helanshan suddenly turned around, fisted at the crisis behind, and blasted away fiercely.
The two shadows of fists slammed into one place almost instantly.
Then, something terrifying everyone happened.
Helanshan’s punch, from the fist, to the forearm, to the arm, made a crackling sound, and it broke every inch.
A blood mist came out magnificently from his body.
The whole person seemed to have been hit hard by the train, and he was beaten up three or four meters away and fell to the ground.
The audience was silent.
At this moment, all the sounds in the entire stadium have disappeared.
All the Jiangnan gangsters in the surrounding stands stared at the central high platform with their eyes. They looked at the sloppy figure on the high platform and the bloody old man at the foot of this person.
Thick horror and fear surfaced in everyone’s heart.
A gangster from Jiangnan City swallowed fiercely and spit, and his voice trembled : “How is it possible! This is the first time Grandmaster He has made a move, but he has made a move … defeat?”
When everyone reacted from their consternation, the audience was in an uproar.
Everyone was frightened to death.
“Oh my god, a punch! Grandmaster He didn’t even catch the punch of the blood wolf! How could this be possible!”
“No…this is the blood killing punch! Another secret technique of the Blood Buddha! Oh my god, blood wolf Does it completely inherit the mantle of the Bloody Buddha?”
“Blood Killing Punch? My dear, the Blood Wolf used the Bloody Killing Punch and defeated Helan Mountain in one blow. If the Bloody Buddha is used? It is simply unimaginable!”
At this moment, the stadium is completely chaotic. set.
Not only the people in the stands, panic.
And on the high platform.
Helan Mountain lay on the ground, only feeling his throat roll, and a mouthful of scarlet blood spurted out wildly.
His arm was completely broken.
Under that punch, his combat power was lost, and his face was as pale as paper:
“Blood Killing Punch! This, is this the legendary Blood Killing Punch?”
Helanshan’s face was full of gray defeat. The whole person was like a rooster that was defeated in a fight, glowing with ashes.
And beside!
Leng Aotian was too late to be shocked.
The blood wolf stepped on his feet and the corners of his mouth were sharp:
“It’s you!” The words fell.
With a swing of his fist, he once again faced Leng Aotian, killing him.

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