Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 622

Several young men and women around, shuddered from fear, their legs were weak.
And after their words fell.
The evil young man guessed that he felt a chill on his face, as if he had lost something.
What followed was the majestic pain that seemed like a tide.
“Ah ah ah ah!”
“No! My face! My face it ……”
villains young hands, trembling trying to touch your own face.
But what started with was a piece of warm flesh and scarlet.
Face… gone!
This blow made the evil young man almost in danger.
However, what made the evil young man and the men and women around him even more unbelievable was that Lin Fan seemed to have moved something on him a long time ago.
Even if the skin on his face was torn off at this moment, the blood on his face did not flow crazily.
On the contrary, it is fixed on the flesh and blood of the face, which also makes the evil young man look even more terrifying and hideous.
At this moment, everyone felt a gust of cold air straight down their foreheads along the sole of their feet. They looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman or a devil.
They felt that they were already ruthless enough, but they never thought that the handsome guy in front of them could be so terrible!
“Brother Feng! I…what do we do now?”
One of the young men asked the wicked youth with a trembling voice. The young man
‘s voice was full of crying, and he was obviously scared to cry by Lin Fan.
“Vengeance! Mar’s, I want revenge!!!” In the mouth of the wicked young man, a frightened roar resembling a beast:
“Quick! Call Young Master Gao, he will be with Lord Gou today!”
“Let him take revenge, quick!!!”
The words of the evil young man instantly reminded several people around him.
Their eyes lit up instantly.
Then one of the young people quickly took out his mobile phone, found a phone number, and dialed it.
And at the moment!
The blind woman and Xun’er, although they did not see the hideous and terrifying faces of the evil young man, they had already heard what had happened from their words.
When they heard that these people were looking for Young Master Gao to come, their expressions changed drastically.
“Young man, run away! That young master is someone we can’t afford to offend! Go ahead and leave us alone!”
The face of the blind woman was as ugly as dead gray.
And Kaoru children, but anxious tears crackling, continue to fall:
“Big brother, I’m sorry, but gave you the trouble, here we are, you quickly go that high that we can not provoke the young master!!!”
Blind mother He Xun’er was extremely worried about Lin Fan at this moment.
Lin Fan did not answer.
Instead, he squatted down, with a big hand, gently brushing over the small face bag full of scars in Xun’er.
“Big…Big brother!”
Xun’er’s small body trembled slightly.
In her eyes, there was a deep sense of inferiority and panic.
As if, for fear that his ugly face would scare Lin Fan.
“Don’t be afraid!”
Lin Fan smiled slightly and said softly.
This sound, as if the breeze was blowing, suddenly calmed Xun’er’s panic mood.
As if these words contained magical powers, all her panic and low self-esteem disappeared.
At this moment, she only felt Lin Fan’s palm lightly passing over her face.
A hint of cool breath began to penetrate into his skin from Lin Fan’s palm.
Let Xun’er’s delicate body tremble slightly.

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