Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 659

Fei Lao.
She naturally knew that this big man, the last time he was in Shen’s house in Jiang City, the big man once personally gave her a super order contract.
Although that order, it is now cheap for nothing.
In Bai Yi’s eyes, she was completely out of luck last time. After the incident, Fei was always afraid that she would not remember her as a little president.
But now…
“Auntie, then Fei Laoke once said, why did you invite Lin Fan and me?” Bai Yi’s heart was extremely nervous.
After all, her current identity is too far apart from the giants on the list, and she is not a person of the same level at all.
The joint invitation of these big brothers still shocked Bai Yi.
“Lao Fei hasn’t said it, but…” With that, my aunt Shen Yuzhi glanced at Lin Fan next to him again, and then said:
“However, they are very sincere, Bai Yi, you and Lin Fan will go there. Come on!”
Hearing this.
Bai Yi pondered for a moment, and finally he could only bite the bullet and nodded:
“Auntie, please reply to Fei Lao. At 7 o’clock in the evening, the Hongyun restaurant, Lin Fan and I must be there!” A word made my aunt Shen Yuzhi feel in his heart. The big rock fell completely.
A faint smile filled her face:
“Bai Yi, my sister really wants to thank you this time!”
“You, you really marry a good husband!”
After speaking, Shen Yuzhi waved to Bai Yi directly , Opened the door, and left.
However, Shen Yuzhi’s last words gave Bai Yi a slight stunned.
Married a good husband?
What does my auntie mean? Is the invitation from Fei Lao and others related to Lin Fan?
Thinking of this, Bai Yi couldn’t help turning to look at Lin Fan, and asked with a full face:
“Lin Fan, Fei and they invited us, is it because of you?”
At this moment, Bai Yi became more and more suspicious of Lin Fan’s background.
Because in the recent period, almost every difficulty the family has encountered has been resolved by Lin Fan calmly.
Thinking about it carefully, it feels too incredible.
Facing Bai Yi’s question, Lin Fan seemed to be prepared for a long time:
“Wife, don’t be suspicious! I follow you every day and don’t know anyone. How could Fei’s invitation be because of me!”
Bai Yi nodded involuntarily.
It is true that she has been with Lin Fan and has never seen anyone visit Lin Fan.
Obviously, this is because I think too much.
“Okay! Then you prepare. At seven o’clock in the evening, we are going to negotiate with Cai Guofu about the acquisition of the Blue Ocean Building! At eight o’clock, we will go to Fei Lao and their invitation!”

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