Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 660

It was the evening in a blink of an eye.
Lin Fan and Bai Yi freshened up a bit before leaving the hotel together.
However, when the two of them just got in the car, Lin Fan frowned slightly.
He found that there seemed to be four people following him.
“Tracking? Huh!”
A sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth. In his eyes, the tracking technology of the other party was simply too clumsy.
Not to mention that these four people just made a simple disguise, even if they are actually dressed up in disguise, hiding in the crowd, but they only need one look at them, and Lin Fan can pick them all out.
Not only that!
Lin Fan can even be sure that the target these four people are following is himself.
Because their eyes are locked on their own body.
“It seems that some people still want to die!”
Lin Fan muttered lightly, and immediately started the car.
At the same time!
When the Mercedes Benz drove slowly away from the hotel parking lot, a Toyota overbearing behind, followed far away.
In this Toyota overbearing car, there are four majestic figures.
These four people are the four bodyguards of Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Ocean Building.
All of them were all black boxers.
Everyone is a ruthless role playing ten.
But now, in their eyes, it seemed that killing Lin Fan in front was just an extremely easy task.
“Hey, this kid is leaving. I’m afraid he can’t even think of it in his dreams. He is going to Guimenguan for this journey!” A thick sneer appeared on the face of a killer.
And hearing this, the rest of the people also nodded one after another.
“It’s just a pity, we can’t follow Mr. Cai, but we are attending a dinner hosted by Fei Lao and others!”
These two words silenced the bodyguard next to him.
They knew that Mr. Cai spent a lot of money tonight and got the ticket to the dinner party.
And this banquet was to welcome the super master-Master Lin.
Thinking of Grandmaster Lin’s reputation, these bodyguards couldn’t help but sigh.
“Oh…I really can’t imagine how tyrannical the Great Master Lin is! The blood wolf is already fierce and perverted enough, but in the hands of Great Master Lin, it can’t even survive three moves!”
“Yes, we were back then. King Kong, the number one master of the sea of ​​clouds, was defeated in Jiang City by an unknown soldier pointed by Grandmaster Lin. I still can’t believe it, and now, I am taken!”
The faces of the four bodyguards were full of admiration and awe. .
They were afraid that they could not even dream of thinking that the person they were going to hunt this time was the devil-like figure-Grand Master Lin!

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