Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 661

The road in Yunhai City.
Two cars were driving slowly.
On the Mercedes-Benz in front, Lin Fan was wondering whether to get off the car and get rid of the stalkers behind.
And while he was thinking, he was stunned to see that beside the road in front, several gangsters were beating a beggar.
“This beggar is…”
When Lin Fan saw the figure of the beggar, his eyes condensed slightly, and he suddenly stepped on the brake.
Benz immediately heard the side of the road.
“Lin Fan, why did you stop?” Bai Yi, the co-pilot, was slightly taken aback, and asked Lin Fan suspiciously.
Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:
“Wife, you can drive to the Hongyun restaurant first, I will take care of a little thing, and I will be there soon!”
After speaking, Lin Fan did not continue to explain at the moment, but opened the door directly. , Walked towards a small alley.
This scene made Bai Yi confused, but she didn’t ask much.
After all, she knew that Lin Fan could play more than twenty alone.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi sat in the driver’s seat again, then started the car and drove slowly towards the Hongyun Restaurant.
And just as the Mercedes-Benz had just left, the Toyota behind him stopped at the side of the road.
The four killers in the car were equally puzzled after seeing Lin Fan walking towards the small alley.
“How did this kid get out of the car? Isn’t he going to Hongyun Restaurant?”
“He seems to be chasing the beggar who was beaten by the gangster! Could this guy know that beggar?”
“Hey! Whether he knows or not! We were thinking about how to kill this guy, but now he is alone, we Just do it!”
Hearing this, the faces of the four killers suddenly showed a thick grin.
At the moment, they opened the door.
The four of them touched the dagger around their waists, and then rushed into the alley. Obviously, they wanted to solve Lin Fan in this alley.
At this moment, the faces of all four of them were full of thick grinning.
As long as Lin Fan is resolved now, then they may still have time to catch up and witness the face of Grand Master Lin.
Thought of this.
The speed of the four was even faster.
However, when they turned around an alley, the pace of the four suddenly stopped.
Because they saw that Lin Fan in front had stopped, standing in the alley, looking at the gangsters in front of him.
See you!
Not far in front of Lin Fan, there were a total of six or seven bastards, beating a beggar frantically.

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