Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 671

She doesn’t need to buy the Blue Ocean Building.
But Lin Fan, there must be nothing wrong.
Thinking that Lin Fan might have encountered some kind of danger at this moment, the cold sweat on Bai Yi’s forehead dripped down.
Seeing the panicked Bai Yi, Cai Guofu smiled, then clapped his hands:
“Come in!”
Hearing Cai Guofu’s words, Bai Yi was stunned, but at this moment, she was stunned to see that the compartment door in the sky box opened, and then four black-clothed bodyguards pushed A wheelchair came out.
When Bai Yi saw the fat man in the wheelchair.
Her pretty face was completely pale as paper:
“It’s… it’s you?”
This fat man, the same President Cai met in the Shengshi Restaurant yesterday, was finally interrupted and threw out of the hotel.
It’s just that Bai Yi never thought that the other party would appear here.
“Are you surprised?” Cai Guofu smiled evilly, his eyes flashed with a strong cruel meaning:
“Bai Yi, let me introduce to you now. This is my brother, who was interrupted by you. The limbs…Cai Guoquan!”
My brother!
Bai Yi understood completely at this moment.
Cai Guofu’s invitation to himself was not a sincere negotiation at all. He wanted to avenge his brother.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi retreated in a hurry, then ran to the door quickly.
She wants to leave here, she wants to find Lin Fan.
However, for Bai Yi’s escape, Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan didn’t mean to stop them at all. Instead, they were watching the show with a smile.
When Bai Yi ran to the door of the box, she couldn’t open it.
“Open the door! Let me go out!”
Bai Yi’s face was completely pale.
However, despite her shouting loudly, there was still silence outside, as if there was no one at all.
Seeing this scene, the two brothers Cai Guofu burst into laughter.
“Ha ha ha, White Iraq, you do not wishful thinking, I tell you the truth! This layer, we are brothers package down!”
“You even called broken throat, that no one heard!”
Said .
Cai Guofu got up from the chair and walked towards Bai Yi step by step:
“Bai Yi, you should listen to my second choice! Starting today, you will be my woman! How about?”
Cai Guofu was like A hunter, in his eyes, Bai Yi is the prey.
However, just when he was about to approach Bai Yi.
Bai Yi instantly took out a fruit knife from her bag.
“Don’t come here!”
Bai Yi pointed at Cai Guofu with a fruit knife in his hand, shouting angrily:
“You die, I am Lin Fan’s wife! Even if I die, I will never From you!”
This fruit knife was used by Bai Yi for self-defense.
I just didn’t expect it, but it came in handy today.
See this scene!
Cai Guofu was taken aback for a moment, he obviously didn’t expect this woman to be so strong.
It’s just…
“Lin Fan? Haha…”
“To tell you the truth, your husband Lin Fan, this point is…dead!”

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