Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 672

Lin Fan is dead!
When he heard this sentence from Cai Guofu, Bai Yi only felt as if struck by lightning, and his eyes were black.
“No…impossible! Lin Fan can’t die!”
Bai Yi’s pretty face was pale, she stared at Cai Guofu, her voice screamed:
“My husband is just going to deal with some things. He will come soon. He can’t die!”
Bai Yi didn’t believe it.
Don’t believe it at all.
However, after seeing this scene, Cai Guoquan in the wheelchair smiled gloomily and said grimly:
“Bai Yi, you don’t have to dream! Tell you the truth, as soon as you leave the hotel, we will People are watching!”
“In order to kill your husband, our brother sent out four killers!”
Four killers?
Hearing this, Bai Yi still had a trace of fluke left in his heart:
“My husband can hit twenty alone! He will never be killed by you…no…”
“Hmph! I’m so foolish!”
Cai Guofu sneered, and said evilly:
“Do you think my four killers eat dry food? To tell you the truth, each of them is a black boxer, and one is ten! Four people join forces to kill or not, your husband will undoubtedly die ”
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s pretty face became paler and paler.
Intentionally kill or not.
Lin Fan didn’t even know that someone was chasing him, and the four assassins were so fierce, then Lin Fan was afraid… it was over.
When I thought, Lin Fan might have had an accident.
Bai Yi was stunned.
In her mind, little by little and Lin Fan kept flashing.
That man, mopping the laundry, never complained.
That man loves her into his heart and loves her into his lungs.
Every time he was in danger, it was Lin Fan who helped him overcome difficulties together. He had already quietly occupied his heart and became everything to her.
Bai Yi thought of this, only feeling that her heart was slashed by a sharp blade, causing her to tremble.
Tears, like beads with a broken thread, continued to drip from her pretty face.
Sad and dying.
While Bai Yi was in a trance, Cai Guofu, who was next to him, gave his bodyguard a wink.
The bodyguard’s figure was almost at its extreme, before Bai Yi hadn’t reacted, he suddenly rushed to her.
Flicking his legs like a whip, kicked out suddenly.
He hit Bai Yi’s wrist hard and kicked the fruit knife away instantly.
“Not good…”
Bai Yi suffered from a pain in her wrist, especially when she saw her only self-defense weapon, the fruit knife, being kicked away, her heart shook.
It’s over…
She can’t imagine how miserable she will end without a knife.

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