Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 673

Seeing the success of the blow, Cai Guofu immediately moved his heart and smiled with such an evil grimace:
“Little beauty, now you are a widow, I will rectify you on the spot and take off your clothes. , In front of my brother
, fucked with you!” After speaking, Cai Guofu rushed towards Bai Yi like a hungry wolf.
However, his figure just jumped on.
Bai Yi slapped and slapped it down.
Under Cai Guofu caught off guard, the people were pumping surprised a moment, a trace of anger and humiliation, take out from the heart:
“! You are a smelly Ma table child, even dare I!”
“I kill you”!
Word After falling, Cai Guofu slapped Bai Yi’s pretty face with a slap, staggering her whole person.
Bright red palm prints emerged from Bai Yi’s pretty snow-like face.
At this moment, Bai Yi was directly beaten up.
And after seeing her trance look.
Cai Guofu is even more beastly, and now he wants to pounce on Bai Yi.
“Are you finished?”
Tears flowed from Bai Yi’s eyes.
Lin Fan may be dead.
So how can she live alone?
Seeing Cai Guofu who rushed forward, Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes flashed with a thick color of madness.
When the teeth were against the tongue, he wanted to bite his tongue and kill himself.
But at this moment.
A horrified scream came from inside the box, causing Cai Guofu to pounce on it, giving a slight pause.
Bai Yi bit his tongue and committed suicide, but also paused.
Soon after, Cai Guofu and Bai Yi saw that Cai Guoquan in the wheelchair was full of horror.
He stared at the TV in the box, as if he had seen something incredible, his eyes were about to fall out.
“Dead! Brother, our people…dead!”
When he heard these words from Cai Guoquan, Cai Guofu’s whole body trembled fiercely, and immediately looked at the TV set.
Suddenly, he saw a piece of news being broadcast on the TV.
“It was reported on the scene that there was a homicide in Luohua Alley in this city this evening, with as many as ten dead!” “Six of them were killed by strength similar to wolf claws! The other four deceased had murder weapons in their hands, but There was no wound on the whole body. According to the forensic examination, the four deceased were shattered to pieces of bones in their bodies and died!”
The reporter on the TV had just finished introducing the situation at the scene. The camera turned around and revealed four of them. The face of the dead.
And when seeing these four dead.
Cai Guofu could hardly believe his eyes.
“It’s… it’s them! How could this be possible!”

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