Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 787

“This… is this guy crazy? He actually parked his electric car in the VIP parking space! And it was locked?”
Bai Yifan’s jaw almost fell off at this moment.
You know, that VIP parking space is for Grand Master.
For example, the previous Rolls-Royce of Leng Aotian and Helanshan stopped at the VIP position.
And now.
Lin Fan parked an electric car next to Rolls-Royce. The difference between them made Baishan and Bai Yifan speechless.
This is more than that.
Let the Baishan father and son be full of black lines.
After Lin Fan locked his electric car in the VIP parking space, he even pulled the chain vigorously, as if he was afraid that his electric car would be stolen.
“Ni… Nima! This weird thing …” Baishan father and son sweat.
A whole parking lot, hundreds of luxury cars, who would steal your electric car if his head is squeezed by the door?
However, the two were speechless to speechless, but their minds were extremely puzzled.
“The strangest thing is, how could this kid come to such a place?”
Bai Shan frowned, but felt something was wrong in his heart.
As for Bai Yifan, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Dad! Let’s ask if we can find out!” With that, Bai Yifan stepped towards Lin Fan.
When he just walked in front of Lin Fan, a thick scornful and sarcasm smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Ah! Isn’t this the Jiangshi hero who abolished Master Leng Bufan and Miss He Jiaojiao?”
“What? Lin Fan, are you here to die?”
Bai Yifan’s words were not polite, but they came up with mockery and ridicule.
Lin Fan was too lazy to look at him, and said indifferently:
“It’s your shit!”
After saying this, Lin Fan looked like an idiot, glanced at Bai Yifan, and then wanted to pass him straight.
Bai Yifan was ignored by Lin Fan and flushed with anger. He gave Lin Fan a vicious look, threateningly said:
“Boy, do you know that you parked your electric car? What location?”
“That’s a VIP location, let alone a damn thing of you, even the most powerful Xu Tianlong in our Jiang City, dare not stop there!”
“VIP parking space, it is for Grand Master. Yes, what are you?”
Bai Yifan’s voice was cold.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t bother to pay any attention, he went straight to the entrance of the gymnasium at this moment.

Yeah ?” “Lin Fan, it seems that you are really good at it! You still want to enter the gymnasium? Hahaha…”
After seeing this scene, Bai Yifan suddenly bent over with a smile.
Not only him, but the Baishan next to him shook his head in disdain:
“This idiot is starting to get muddled again! Only the top wealthy chaebols in each city are eligible to enter this stadium! Isn’t he looking for ugly? ? ”
moment, Bai Yifan and White Mountain and his son, surrounded by his hands, slowly starting to see a good show.

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