Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 789

When hearing the words of the headed bodyguard in black, Baishan and his son both stayed for a while.
“You…what did you just say?” Bai Shan could hardly believe his ears.
It was just the next scene that made him dumbfounded.
The headed bodyguard in black looked at the Baishan father and son, as if looking at a pair of idiots, and said with a sneer:
“I said, the gentleman’s car just now, if you want to park, just stop it!”
“He thought When you enter the gymnasium, you enter the gymnasium!”
“Fuck you…shit!”
I…my Nima!
After hearing the words of the black-clothed bodyguard, the minds of the father and son Baishan suddenly ran across 10,000 grass mud horses.
What’s wrong with this?
Is this world crazy?
A small wasteful son-in-law, let these bodyguards maintain so?
This is more than that.
The black-clothed bodyguard named the head cold his eyes and waved his palm:
“Come here! These two guys dare to insult Mr. Lin and throw them out!”
“Yes!!!” He drank after a while.
A group of black-clothed bodyguards gathered around, grabbing Baishan father and son with all hands, and threw them out like a dead dog.
at the same time!
In the gymnasium, after Lin Fan walked in, he went straight to find a quiet place and sat down.
He ignored the farce outside the gymnasium and didn’t bother to care about it.
In his eyes.
The Bai family is just a group of ants, nothing more, and there is no interest even to give him a second look.
“Blood servant?”
Lin Fan’s gaze turned straight to the high platform of the gymnasium, and deep excitement and excitement appeared in his eyes.
The Blood Servant hadn’t seen his true face, especially, Lin Fan’s voice now was far different from when he was in the Blood Prison.
As the King of the Blood Prison, his voice was cold and awe-inspiring, like a demon of hell.
And now!
With the three years of living in Bai’s house, his voice was calm and gentle.
Not to mention the blood servant, even any blood prison powerhouse could not distinguish him at all.
“Today, it should be the first time you have seen my true face!”
Lin Fan smiled, and now began to close his eyes and calm down.
At the same time.
The big guys in the front seat were whispering and talking.
“Hey, now Grandmaster Leng and Grandmaster He are here! Why haven’t you seen the mysterious Grandmaster Lin?”
“Cut! According to me, the surname Lin might not come at all! Otherwise, Blood Buddha I provoked it twice on TV, why didn’t the one surnamed Lin respond once!”
“Yes, after all, the Blood Buddha is a super murderous man who has long been famous! The Great Master Lin may be just a newcomer, so he dare not come. Normal!”

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