Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 88

Inside the Mercedes-Benz, the atmosphere is extremely dull.
Whether it was Bai Yi in the passenger seat or the Bai Shan couple in the back seat, none of them had yet to wake up from the shock just now.
Lin Fan beat twenty by one, with cruel and cruel methods.
The prestigious Master Dao treated Lin Fan respectfully.
All of this fell in their eyes, only feeling that the body of his son-in-law seemed to be covered with a veil of mystery.
Become so strange.
So mysterious.
After a long time.
Bai Yi finally couldn’t help but curiosity, couldn’t help but say:
“Lin Fan, don’t you want to explain it?”
Lin Fan was startled slightly, then looked back at the expressions of the Baishan couple, then smiled and said,
“Dad, Mom! Don’t look at me with this kind of eyes. I used to learn kung fu, but now I forgot.”
Hearing this, the Baishan couple couldn’t help being covered with black lines.
A man with his bare hands interrupted all of the more than twenty sturdy men with clubs in their hands. How could you have the face to say that you have forgotten all your skills?
Then if you haven’t forgotten before, is it as simple as slaughtering these two dozen people?
The corner of Baishan’s mouth twitched, trying to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
Only Bai Yi continued to ask:
“Let’s not talk about things that you know Kung Fu. Let’s talk about it. How do you know Lord Dao?”
Hearing the words Daoye, the Baishan couple in the back row straightened their ears.
That is the overlord of Beicheng.
They couldn’t imagine how Lin Fan knew Master Dao.
“Wife, didn’t I get caught in jail the other day?” Lin Fan smiled slightly, and then said calmly:
“It happened to be in a cell with that bald head! He wanted to teach me at the time, and then I convinced others with reason. , Taught him in earnest and influenced him! ”
Listening to Lin Fan’s words, Bai Yi’s family of three twitched again.
They couldn’t imagine how the ruthless person like Master Dao who licked blood could be influenced by words?
“Lin Fan, are you an idiot?”
Bai Yi flushed with anger, gave Lin Fan a vicious look, and said,
“Say, have you beaten Master Dao before, otherwise, how could he be so polite to you?”
Not only Bai Yi.
Even the Baishan couple thought so.
Just heard this.
Lin Fan shook his head quickly and said solemnly:
“Wife, the conscience of heaven and earth, I am not such a violent person! I have never touched that guy’s finger.”
He did not lie.
After all, you don’t need to do anything to scare the sword master to death. If he really did it to the sword master, the guy would have entered the coffin long ago.
Bai Yixiu frowned slightly, she looked at Lin Fan’s expression and felt that he was not lying.
It’s just that she still can’t believe that when dealing with people like Master Dao, you can influence the other party without violence, just by words.
This is incredible.
“Okay! Now that it’s clear, it’s all right!” A smile appeared on Baishan’s face at this moment.
Although he was frightened, the more Baishan looked at his son-in-law, the more satisfied.
Not only him!
Shen Yumei, who was next to him, looked at Lin Fan, and his eyes softened a lot:
“You stinky boy, you should be more restrained in the future. This time you must have offended someone, and they will abolish you!”
“If there is another time , We can’t help you!”
Although Shen Yumei said sharply, the smile at the corner of her mouth was hard to hide.
A family of four returned home, and when they turned on the TV.
Suddenly, a news on TV made the family of four startled.
“This station continues to report that the Chinese and Western medicine PK contest!”
“According to the news just sent, the Chinese medicine expert Mr. Gao Zhiyuan once again challenged the Western medicine expert Mike! It is said that the Chinese medicine contestant is a doctor surnamed Lin. ! ” ”
the Dr. Lin Xing, mysterious identity, origin unknown, but the city was the first person of Chinese medicine Dr. Gao Zhiyuan, esteem, Lin called geniuses! ”

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