War God Asura

Chapter: 10

Feng Jizi
“Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Overlord Fist.”
“Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Biting Wind Palm.”
With a mighty shout, Xing Jue and Lu Zhan also get rid, the rays of light palms of bright rays of light, plunder mutually with thick rays of light armored hand.
Xing Jue and Lu Zhan at the same time while fight, a bright light at the light palm, with a thick light iron fist swept each other
“What a beautiful Martial Skill” looking at the two magnificent Martial Skill, everyone sighed, this and other magnificent Martial Skill, let alone the audience under the stage, even the people of three clans also see it for the first time.
“Creak creak creak creak” Rays of light palm print to rays of light iron fist collide together, and did not issue the expected huge roar, did not burst out a strong ripples, but unceasingly issue waves ear-piercing friction sound constantly, rays of light palm print to rays of light iron fist seems to make a resistance.
Seeing this situation, Xing Jue and Lu Zhan also continuously charge their hand using their internal martial strength. Along with unceasing pouring their martial strength, rays of golden light being in charge toward their two hands.
“Young fellow, really is my Imperial Wind Pavilion “Biting Wind Palm”.” when Xing Jue in dead lock with Lu Zhan, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder on platform stage said suddenly, But at his arrogant face, also emerge a touch of ruthless expression.
“What? Elder Feng you were said that the Martial Skill Xing Jue displayed, was your Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill?” After hearing the Elder Feng words, Xing Clan teacher somewhat worried asked.
“That’s right, this is my Imperial Wind Pavilion not to pass on Martial Skill “Biting Wind Palm”.” saying of Elder Feng with angry face look.
“How terrible” after hearing Elder Feng words, the teacher in heart inwardly discuss, this imperial Wind Pavilion martial skill is never divulge to an outsider, If the outsider dare to practice Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, nd discovered by Imperial Wind Pavilion, then will receive Imperial Wind Pavilion severe punishment, light punishment then abolishes Martial Skill, heavy punishment cripple his skill, therefore after the teacher hear Elder Feng, know that the situation is not good.
“Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack…”
Ear-piercing friction sound continues to sound, Xing jue already in dead lock with Lu Zhan no less than a few minutes, this two gorgeous strong radiance light intense to bump, although for the audience feast for their eyes, but for Xing Jue, Lu Zhan, this is considerably large burden, because in this gorgeous radiance not extinguish, but their internal martial strength unceasing to pass
At the moment Xing Jue has been sweating profusely, but by having the Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique as the support, Xing Jue would still survive.
But compare to Xing Jue, Lu Zhan situation is much worse, only to see now Lu Zhan not only sweating profusely, his body somewhat shivered, looking at his appearance he can only hold on mostly for one minute.
“Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack…”
Just as expected, accompanied with a sound of fraction, the deadlock situation started to have a change, seeing the originally deadlock unvarying palm print and giant fist constantly change, the radiance palm print began to continue giving the giant fist a pressure, although the speed not quick, however if continue like this, only in a half minute the palm print will completely wear down the great fist, and hit Lu Zhan.
“Elder Feng how is this situation?”
Seeing Lu Zhan at the center stage gradually enter disadvantageous position, Lu Clan patriarch “Lu Bu” finally unable to bear the tension in his heart, Inquire about must know about Lu Zhan, he is the most talented new blood in Lu Clan, Now even more at Imperial Wind Pavilion elder regard as focus train disciple, if something happen with Lu Zhang, then it will be a great loss for Lu Clan forces.
“Humph! This Kid, unexpectedly can be in the upper hand in skill, it seems like the Cultivation Technique that he practice is not simple, do not worry, at the critical moment I will handle it.” Elder Feng coldly snort, said.
“Elder Feng, it seems not good.” Hearing Elder Feng want to dispose Xing Jue, Xing Clan Patriarch also restless said.
“Humph! Your Xing Clan’s kid steal inherent pavilion not to spread martial skill, actually this is also Xing Clan responsibility, after I teach this kid a lesson, and then I will come for you afterwards.” Hearing Xing Clan Patriarch start to talk, Elder Feng unexpectedly speak in rage.
“This… Xing Jue one year ago had been expelled by Xing Clan, steal inherent pavilion not to spread martial skill, absolutely does not have any relation with my Xing Clan.” After hearing the Elder Feng words, Xing Clan Patriarch quickly explained.
“Humph!” seeing pitiful look Xing Clan Patriarch, Feng Jizi only snort coldly, but his vision went toward center stage.
“Lu Zhan, is it possible to admit defeat.” At this moment on the stage Lu Zhan has been completely suppressed, Xing Jue really know the power of this “Biting Wind Palm”, therefore he doesn’t want to hurt Lu Zhan, thus ask.
“Admits defeat? In my dictionary does not have these two characters”, although completely suppressed, Lu Zhan still did not admit defeat.
“Yeah…” Facing barely firm Lu Zhan, Xing Jue actually helplessly sigh, he and Lu Zhan already met a long time ago, although hostile status, but Xing Jue to Lu Zhan doesn’t have any disgust, because Lu Zhan competitive side with Xing Jue is expected.
“Since this way, then excuse me” Xing Jue suddenly said, during the speeches a powerful martial force, unending stream started to take in ray of light palm print inside, but this rays of light charge at the extremely quick speed, giving Lu Zhan a pressure.
“Bang” rays of light will soon hit Lu Zhan, an accidental explosion sound make everyone startled.
Because in this moment at the stage occupied winning side Xing Jue has been knocked to the ground, and a big mouth of blood also constantly flow from the mouth.
While at that place Xing Jue standing before, standing blue robe old man, and this old man is Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, Feng Jizi.
“Master, you.” Seeing his own master unexpectedly make a move, Lu Zhan very suspicious said.
“Shut up !” But Feng Jizi absolutely not giving Lu Zhan any opportunity to speak, just give meaningful glace, even Lu Zhan scared until the next word he want to say swallowed into stomach.
At this moment let alone Lu Zhan, even the audience under the stage also make a wild guess, what status is this Feng Jizi, he is Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, why does he want to get rid Xing Jue? To save disciple? However doesn’t need to directly hurt him right?
“Damn it, why did you hurt me?” Xing Jue has cleaned the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, suddenly cursed. At first Xing Jue got the upper hand, suddenly Feng Jizi palm come suddenly, has actually made Xing Jue severe wounded , if honest move, Xing Jue didn’t said anything, yet he*** do sneak attack, which Xing Jue how can not be angry.
“Smelly boy, do not reluctant to admit a mistake, I only ask you once, who taught you Biting Wind Palm, if you don’t answer clearly, then you can’t leave here alive.” Feng Jizi angrily shouted
“Patriarch, what can we do about this? After all Xing Jue is our Xing Clan people, don’t tell me you want him to get trample on?” The teachers seeing the thing is not good, hurries to say to Xing Clan Patriarch Xing Tian.
“What else can we do? Leaving aside this Feng Jizi background there are we can’t afford to offend Imperial Wind Pavilion, said his Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor strength, I can’t deal with him, This Xing Jue actually steal their Imperial Wind Pavilion not to pass on Martial Skill, can only count him be out of luck.” Xing Clan Patriarch Xing Tian, helplessly said.
“Ha Ha, want to know who is my master? Is my master name for you to know?” At first this Feng Jizi who suddenly attack him somewhat make Xing Jue confused, at this moment suddenly everything clearer, that is because he learned Biting Wind Palm, looking at this Feng Jizi , apparently for him learned Biting wind Palm the old man really view as an enemy.
Not to mention Xing Jue does not know the status of that old man, even if Xing Jue know, he will not tell Feng Jizi, after all if not because that old man words, and today there will be no Xing Jue, this kind of big favor Xing Jue indeed to engrave in his heart. So even he died, Xing Jue will not said a thing about the old man.
“Ha Ha. Good, good, good, actually dare to be rude in front of me” Feng Jizi suddenly laugh, there is a ferocious expression on his face.
“Is that so, then die.” Feng Jizi suddenly shout loudly, then immediately raised his hand, a terrifying power goes toward Xing Jue, but facing the terrifying power that extremely fast, Xing Jue unable to dodge, at this moment Xing Jue finally felt what is the death taste of.
Actually the punishment for stealing Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill is not lethal, but Feng Jizi extremely extremely care about face-saving, not to mention that Xing Jue has defeated his disciple, and then Xing Jue speak with violent words, already make Feng Jizi deeply upset, therefore he do this cruel methods.
Facing this unable to dodge attack, Xing Jue closed both his eyes slowly, because he does not want at the last moment, to see Feng Jizi dirty face again.
However when that power about to approach Xing Jue there is an explosion, away from Xing Jue body less than one meter, there is strange dissipation.
Looking at this strange scene, everyone on the scene were stunned. When everyone was immersed in shock, an Old voice spread to the main hall.
“This old man disciple, when you said kill then you can kill?” This powerful pressure voice envelope the entire main hall, continuously echo.
When the voice resounds, not only the audience tremble, the rampant Feng Jizi in the heart also tremble. Because he knows the person who he cannot stir up will soon enter the stage.

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