War God Asura

Chapter: 12

Old Feng
“Yes of course I want to.” Xing Jue shouting without hesitation, immediately take that purple envelope from the old man hand, looking at the purple envelope in hand, Xing Jue saliva drooling.
“Oh my God, it is really the inner court recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Xing Jue blinking his big eyes, kept looking up this purple envelope, just liked beggar pick up the gold ingot.
Imperial Wind Pavilion is divided into the main court, inner court, and outer court. Feng Jizi that injured Xing Jue, only an outer court elder, Lu Zhan naturally is also outer disciple, after outer disciple practices to some degree, then they can participate to enter inner court, as long as can become the disciple of inner court through inspection, in the inner court they can enjoy more superior cultivation treatment.
However the request to join inner court extremely harsh, because of it this recommendation letter simply priceless treasure, as you can see it, this recommendation letter for outer court already so precious. Therefore Xing Jue so excited.
“Nonsense, Is this old man will give you a fake one?” Mystical old man somewhat disgruntled reply.
“He he, did not dare, did not dare, at master capacity, a recommendation letter for inner court mean nothing, perhaps recommendation letter for main court master also have.” Xing Jue hurries to flatter. He know very much about the old man status.
“Bah! Did you think that actually this simple, did you think is that easy if you want to enter the main court? If you want to enter the main pavilion you can’t go by connection, you must reach Martial Sovereign, then we can speak again.” The old man staring blankly toward Xing Jue, explain the truth on porpose.
“Martial Sovereign? Even ordinary disciple must reach Martial Sovereign enter main court? Really worthily to be called Imperial Wind Pavilion core forces, really tyrannical ah!” After hearing the old man words, Xing Jue admire this Imperial Wind Pavilion strength, what kind of strength Martial Sovereign? Looking at this entire Yunzhong City the strongest are three clans, but the most only Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor. Martial Sovereign, just similar like his name in common, all the people who reach Martial Sovereign is a master level figure, even in this entire Imperial Wind Empire, also very strong.
“Good kid, don’t sigh, this continent is very big, powerful people are plenty, don’t just see that Imperial Wind Pavilion is so strong in Imperial Wind Empire, but if places above the whole continent, just a medium power.” seeing Xing Jue appearance, the old man said with a smile. Similar to a frog at the bottom of the well.
“Medium power ? He he” hearing the old man words, Xing Jue simply forced a smile, his dream is to become this continent peak existence, but now it seems like this road is difficult to walk.
“All right! Kid, actually with your talent it’s not difficult to enter main court, but you must properly practice, this old man has matter to do, didn’t chat with you too much, in the future if I have some opportunities, I will go to Imperial Wind Pavilion to look at you.” The old man saying to Xing Jue and then immediately his body disappear.
“Master, master, leave a name before you go.” Xing Jue seeing his master said want to leave again feel very helpless, therefore he quickly shouted to the sky, his master strength is quite tyrannical, probably at entire Imperial wind empire also one of peak existance, later Xing Jue reporting his master reputation, maybe at Imperial Wind Pavilion he can get some special treatment.
“Old Feng” An old voice came from the sky and echo for a very long time.
“Old Feng? This regard as what ah!” hearing the old man words, Xing Jue almost spurt a mouthful blood, he know that his master is being perfunctory to him, only the ghost will know who Old Feng. But from the sky never again resound his master voice, Xing Jue know that his master already left.
“Ah! Never mind, it seems I must rely on my self.” Xing Jue put the purple letter into his pocket arm then patted his chest and said with a smile. Then turn around and walk toward Yunzhong City horse station, after all the distance from Yunzhong City to Imperial Wind Pavilion extremely far, Xing Jue does not want to go there on foot.
From a hundred miles distant of Imperial Wind Pavilion influence, there is a mountain range, because of the mountain terrain strategic location, plus inside the mountain range hiding great amount dangerous demon beast, so it is known as death mountain, and this death mountain actually the only way to Imperial Wind Pavilion.
In the outskirt of death mountain there is a town called “gathering town” , at this small town there are great amount caravans, as well as mercenary group, if you don’t have extraordinary strength, and want to pass the mountain, then here is you best choice, because the mercenary in the city can escort through the death mountain. But the condition is you must pay great amount of money.
“Wow! It’s so lively.” outside the town, a black clothed boy walk down the carriage, said excitedly, this is Xing Jue, after several months uninterrupted travel, Xing Jue finally arrived here.
“There are so many expert here.” Xing Jue extend his Soul Force, in the heart sigh. Xing Jue feel, in this not very big town, everywhere has Martial Master aura, probably they all mercenary in this town.
Xing Jue Also know a little about the danger of this death mountain, in addition he was quite unfamiliar here, therefore Xing Jue plan is to hire a squad mercenary soldier here to guided him. Therefore after sighing, Xing Jue then inquired the way toward mercenary group building.
“What? No mercenary?” inside mercenary group building, Xing Jue opening his mouth big , surprised said.
“Truly sorry, recently at the mountain range there is strange event, many people who enter the mountain range never come out, because of that there are many scattered mercenary afraid to enter the mountain range, and there are slightly famous mercenary also been hired, it is estimated to come back within several days, so you must wait for several days.” The employment staff answered to Xing Jue.
“No wonder there are so many people in the town, it turn out to be like this.” Xing Jue hearing the staff words, somewhat understand about the current situation, had no choice but to leave the mercenary group building, when Xing Jue prepares to look a place for stay, there is a noise attract him.
One hundred meters from him, Xing Jue looking at a group of people gathering, but there is look like a conflict among them. Feeling curious, Xing Jue decided to look around.
“Damn it! This is nothing more than change pointers that’s all, why are you so serious?” At this moment in the crowd there is a middle-aged man hugging a seriously wounded man, angrily said. These two people unexpectedly are Preliminary Martial Master.
“Your strength is too weak, did not qualified to join us, quickly leave!” Among the crowd there are probably ten people sitting, among them is valiant black beard guy, cast aside that middle-aged man with swift and fierce look, saying with disdain. After hearing the black beard guy words, in that middle-aged man eyes unexpectedly has a touch of fear, he immediately no longer spoke, but hugged that injured man and run out of the crowd.
“Advanced Rank Martial Master, very strong.” After Xing Jue seeing the black beard guy, and discovered how strong he is, and said in a low voice.
At this time, around this ten people there is a sign, and brought Xing Jue attention, above the sign written “Recruiting mercenary expert, trash don’t come!” After seeing this sign, Xing Jue heart happy, secretly said “Really is heaven never bars one’s way.1”
1. Idiom : Don’t feel despair and you will find a way through.

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