War God Asura

Chapter: 13

Join the Mercenary Group
“He he, this uncle, what are they doing?” Xing Jue asked to an uncle beside him.
“Oh, The black beard guy among them is the commander of this town renowned Heavenly Dragon Mercenary group, a few days ago, his younger brother carried their entire mercenary group to escort one team of merchants to enter death mountain, but actually hasn’t come back, then he decided to organize one team of powerful scattered mercenary group, to look for his mercenary group whereabouts.” That uncle explain it very clearly to Xing Jue.
“Recently I heard that death mountain was very dangerous, since these people are willing to follow him, surely the reward are very impressive right?” Xing Jue once again asked, although he didn’t have interest to the reward, but Xing Jue actually want to know what kind of thing that attracted these experts to be willing to risking their lives to follow him.
“It is said that if only the people can come back alive, they can obtain a golden silkworm armor, for protection armor it has extremely high defensive power, for mercenaries who all the year walked around in this death mountain, absolutely a self-defense treasure.” Uncle said.
“Oh?” Hearing about it Xing Jue admire this mercenary group, golden silkworm armor, in Xing Clan is extremely precious treasure and only have one, but this mercenary group unexpectedly have so many pieces, obviously that the background of this Heavenly Dragon mercenary group not weak.
“Heavenly Dragon commander, it seems like nobody can pass the examination, what if we get going.” At this time among ten people a thin and tall man said to the black beard guy.
“Okay” Black beard guy look all around the way and then said.
“Hold on, I want to join.” When everyone ready to get up and leave, Xing Jue suddenly open his mouth to say. This seemly small and weak kid, immediately walk toward the crowd.
“Child, do you want to participate? Did you know we’re going to do what?” After sizing up Xing Jue that thin and tall man said with disdain. In the eye has a ridicule meaning.
“Can’t I?” Xing Jue stare coldly to the thin and tall man, asked.
“Oh? Ha Ha, Ok, Ok, as long as you can take me in 10 rounds, I granted that you qualified how is that?” That thin and tall man said once again.
“If you can take one my move, how about I will automatically withdraw?” Xing Jue disdain asked.
“What, is this a joke? Ha Ha. Did you hear anyone speak a joke?” After the thin and tall man hear Xing Jue word, he suddenly laugh and say, and soon everybody also laugh. Just like hearing funniest joke in the world. Thought that this kid is not mentally illness, maybe his head has a problem, this thin and tall man is Intermediate Rank Martial Master, and with his special Martial Skill, his real strength can reach Advanced Rank Martial Master, but this young kid, unexpectedly said in one move he can defeat him, this is indeed very funny.
“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” after hearing thin and tall man words, Xing Jue suddenly laugh. However Xing Jue laughter actually make everyone are bewildered. Thought is this kid insane?
“Since this way being the case, then excuse me!” suddenly Xing Jue coldly said, at the same time his body just like a sea flood dragon, a strong martial Qi burst out from within his body, and with extremely quick speed went toward that middle-aged man. And Advanced Rank Martial Master aura at this moment also spread out.
“Terrible!” Even if that thin and tall man die, he cannot think that Xing Jue unexpectedly is Advanced Rank Martial Master, and this explosive power also stronger than common Advanced Rank Martial Master, but when he found out, it’s already too late. During that time, he is totally unprepared, facing Xing Jue fully strikes, he simply does not have any opportunity to counter-attack.
“Bang.” along with thumping sound, Xing Jue fist strike toward thin and tall man body, this fist repelled thin and tall man several steps and finally fully stop, and Xing Jue only use one move.
“Now am I qualified?” Xing Jue softly patted his hands, and asked the embarrassing thin and tall man.
“Ha Ha, this small friend, the good strength, so young but already Advanced Rank Martial Master, for so many years, this is the first time to see.” At this time, that black beard Heavenly Dragon commander patting the palm, said to Xing Jue with a smile.
“What? Advanced Rank Martial Master?” After hearing Heavenly Dragon commander words, many people who are weaker than Xing Jue have expressions of disbelief, Advanced Rank Martial Master, even looking at this entire gathering town, only have several, and unexpectedly this kid looks like about 16 years old, and already reach Advanced Rank Martial Master, such talent was simply frightening, but if only they know that Xing Jue practice to achieve Advanced Rank Martial Master just takes one year only, it is estimated that they will going insane.
“Am I qualified?” Xing Jue slightly smile, didn’t care about thin and tall man then ask again.
“Ha Ha Ha, of course, unexpected this little brother so strong, I admire.” And that thin and tall man’s manner toward Xing Jue actually quickly transform, on his whole face fill with admires. In this world the strong gain respect from people, if you have the strength you can change someone’s respect, this tall and thin man can be example.
“Okay, with this little brother joining us, our overall strengths will rise sharply, then we should go.” during the talk everybody hurry to get up, then a team of mercenaries with total 11 people walked slowly toward the death mountain.
At the deep of death mountain filled with dangerous aura everywhere, once for a while there is also Demon Beast roaring sound, making people tremble with fear.
“Heavenly Dragon commander, it’s getting dark, it would be better we stay here, we can explore to the deepest area again tomorrow.” At this time, a mercenary talk toward Heavenly Dragon commander.
“En, Ok then everybody stay here, tomorrow we will continue explore.” Looking at the sky that gradually getting dark, Heavenly Dragon commander said.
Therefore at this deep death mountain, Xing Jue and this small mercenary group started to stay, some people build tents, some people prepare food, there is also some people set some traps, but Xing Jue that can’t help without better option try to find a place to practice.
After one hour practicing, feeling that the Qi within his body quite sufficient, Xing Jue slowly opened both eyes.
“Shoot! What are you doing?” After Xing Jue opens both his eyes, frighten and his entire body shiver said, because in front of Xing Jue face, that heavenly dragon commander staring at him, looking at his eyes, unexpectedly to have guts to have not fully express his feeling, exactly kind of loved eyes meaningful glance, make Xing Jue totally scared.
“Brother Xing Jue, your Cultivation Technique is extraordinary.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile. At first Heavenly Dragon commander want to call Xing Jue to eat dinner, but when he arrive in front of Xing Jue body, he found out Xing Jue ability to condensed martial Qi speed, very fast, thus he judged Xing Jue Cultivation Technique certainly not simple.
“He he, Heavenly Dragon commander, what did you want?” Regarding Heavenly Dragon commander words, Xing Jue didn’t replied, but changes the topic and asked.
“Ha Ha, where is my mind, I want to ask brother Xing Jue to eat dinner.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile. He then turned around and walk toward the crowd. While Xing Jue wiped cold sweat on his forehead and then get up to follow.
After dinner, Xing Jue didn’t entered the tent, but lie down on a big tree branch, looking at starry sky to think, Xing Jue always felt that there is something wrong with this death mountain, according what Xing Jue hear there is plenty Demon Beast at this death mountain, and frequently attacked the passer-by, but Xing Jue on their whole journey walked until here, although once for a while hearing Demon Beast roar, but actually never been attacked by Demon Beast.
Thinking about the people who entered the mountain and didn’t come out, Xing Jue determine that they must be meet some problem at the mountain, either killed or trap, and this strange quiet death mountain, make people more uneasy, it’s like a day before the storm came, always unusually peaceful. Therefore Xing Jue determine that the culprit behind the missing people will come tonight.
“Ha Ha, what a wonderful smell.” At this time, a woman voice that make people tremble with fear suddenly appear, at the same time a powerful strength approaching them at extremely quick speed.
“Very strong.” When feeling this powerful aura, in Xing Jue heart can’t help to be frightened.

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