War God Asura

Chapter: 14

The Legendary Soul Eater Succubus
“There is an enemy.” Feeling something wrong, the mercenary who is responsible for guarding immediately shout, all the people rushed out from the tents, ready to clash with the enemy.
“Ha Ha Ha, 11 Martial Master, three Advanced Rank Martial Master, eight Intermediate Rank Martial Master, although their Soul Force weak, but not bad.” At this time, the voice that make people tremble with fear resound once more.
“Don’t pretend like a ghost, if you have a courage come out!” A small and weak mercenary suddenly shouted.
“Damn! Are you stupid?” Xing Jue who is prepare to quietly flee, but hearing this mercenary terrifying words came to halt, pondering did he actually can’t feel the enemy formidable aura? At this time did not hurry to find a way to run, but unexpectedly dare to provoke.
“This little brother please rest assured, this mercenary has a nickname called “trap king”, although his strength only Intermediate Rank Martial Master, but he is actually good at many different type traps and mechanism, and his traps firepower very powerful, even if powerful Martial Master not take one step carefully and touch the mechanism, will be seriously injured.” Mercenary at Xing Jue side as if understand Xing Jue determination immediately answered.
“Bang… Bang… Bang…” At the same time, waves of intense explosions sound constantly, a dazzling rays of light constantly flashing, seeing this on the face of mercenary appear an excited expression. It seems the enemy touch the mechanism. But at the next moment, when the cold voice resound once more, on their excited faces change into a little pale.
“Small insect with no skill, want to stop this old lady?” Along with an alluring figure landed, a powerful pressure is spreading, while at this time everyone face appear more pale and weak.
“Martial Sovereign?” Looking at this enchanting woman who is gracefully landed, Xing Jue said in a low voice, because now he is unable to move in his body freely, such a powerful pressure, only the legendary Martial Sovereign capable to achieve.
She is wearing tight black dress, her body is extremely hot, her face also extremely charming, if not because her terrifying strength and her terrifying voice, she is simply the most beautiful creature in this world.
“Don’t know why this senior attack us?” The tall man said with despicable tone. However on his face a large cold sweat is constantly falling.
“Xi xi… You… tell me am I beautiful?” But surprisingly that black dress woman not only did not answered the tall man, and unexpectedly as light as feather come toward in front of that thin and tall man body.
“Beautiful… Extremely beautiful.” Looking at this charming female in front of him, the thin and tall man looks like his soul being hooked, in his eyes showing a yearn expression, slowly said.
“Can I kiss you?” Said the woman with a smile.
“Ye… yes…” The thin and tall man answered without hesitation
“No, don’t kiss her!” Heavenly Dragon commander seeing something strange with her, suddenly shouted.
But it is too late, the black dress woman sexy lip already sticking closely toward the thin and tall man mouth, and the frightening scene also took place, the thin and tall man body start to shiver, his body extremely fast shrinked, and finally turned into a dry corpse, his both eyes are prominent, so frightening.
“Soul eater demon girl, you are soul eater succubus?” Looking at thin and tall man who change into a dry corpse, suddenly Heavenly Dragon commander shouted. After hearing his words, everyone feared to the extreme. Only Xing Jue doesn’t know anything. However seeing everyone scared appearance, Xing Jue then guessed that this soul eater demon girl definitely is a dangerous woman.
“I Can’t believe there is still some people who know this old lady famous name.” The soul eater demon girl biting and lick her lip, and then turned around, walked toward Heavenly Dragon commander.
“Impossible, impossible.” Heavenly Dragon commander looking toward the soul eater demon girl who approaching him, kept saying.
“Ah!” At this moment, soul eater demon girl suddenly hold her hair crazily and keep yelling, appearing like suffer a serious damage, at the same time the pressure that covering Xing Jue and the others instantaneously dissipate.
“Run away quickly!” After surrounding pressure instantly dissipates, Xing Jue the first to react and immediately shouted. Therefore all the people flee and separated.
“Don’t think you all can run away!” seeing everyone trying to run away, soul eater demon girl suddenly raise her right hand, clenching her fist tightly, red light spread out from her fist, at the same time a powerful suction come out, under this powerful suction, people start to sucked backward and fly, and as long as contacts the red light, people then directly sprout blood, and immediately faints.
Seeing this scene, Xing Jue thought can’t help to be frightened, is this Martial Sovereign terrifying strength? All those people unable to resists, this is so terrible.
Although Xing Jue firmly hugged the side of the tree, however under powerful suction, Xing Jue somewhat need to brace constantly. If Advanced Rank Martial Master is relying on Martial Skill can fight a battle with Martial Ancestor, then facing Martial Sovereign, he no longer has the ability to fight back. This is the different strength between ranks.
“Ah! Ah! Hateful!” at this time the soul eater demon girl once more wailed painfully, the red light on her right hand extremely fast subsided, the powerful suction vanished instantaneously, seeing this scene Xing Jue and the others once again ran toward the mountain deeper place.
“Damn! This woman was too terrifying” Death mountain perimeter, Xing Jue face look distressed, his mouth constantly breathed heavily, Xing Jue ran for three hours, after he could not feel the terrifying pressure from that woman, finally stop for a little rest.
“Zi Zi Zi” when Xing Jue think that he is safe, a hasty sound of footsteps suddenly resounds, immediately a familiar figure appeared in front of Xing Jue.
“Brother Xing Jue, it is me, it is me.” And this is not someone else, he is Heavenly Dragon commander. At this time looking at his appearance, obviously much more miserable several points compared with Xing Jue.
“He he, no wonder I am feeling there is someone behind me, it turns out is Heavenly Dragon commander.” Xing Jue said with a smile. Actually Xing Jue already felt there is someone behind him and following him, but Xing Jue already know this person actually not soul eater demon girl, if it really soul eater demon girl, he can’t run away so far, and already capture. But besides soul eater demon girl, there is only mercenary who only successfully escapes.
“This mountain is extremely dangerous, Brother Xing Jue unfamiliar about this mountain, so I following you to run away, after all under this dangerous environment, with Brother Xing Jue power together, our chance for safety will also bigger.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile.
But after hearing Heavenly Dragon commander these quite appreciate words, on Xing Jue face give a forced smile, because just now, he as Advanced Rank Martial Master, but similar to a chick that get trampled on, without a little bit strength to hit back, but now luckily successfully ran away.
“Heavenly Dragon commander, why this soul eater succubus so divine?” After forced a smile, Xing Jue remembered Heavenly Dragon commander shocking face, obviously know something about this soul eater succubus then asked.
“This is a long story, even now I still feel amazed.” Heavenly Dragon commander sighed deeply, arrived in front of Xing Jue and said.
“Actually, soul eater succubus only exist at the legend.” Heavenly Dragon commander sort of his thought and then opened his mouth and said.
After hearing Heavenly Dragon commander words, Xing Jue can’t help to be startled, immediately appeared interest expression, and quietly listening to Heavenly Dragon commander story.
“Several hundred years ago, in this death mountain, appeared a demon girl, this demon girl naturally killed some people, and takes Martial Artist soul as a food, therefore is called soul eater succubus, because this soul eater succubus strength already reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, mercenary group at gathering town are not her match, so they has to asked help from Imperial Wind Pavilion, finally Imperial Wind Pavilion sent out two elders that already reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, trying to catch this soul eater succubus, unexpectedly this demon girl have a strange ability, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elders are unable to do something to her, and gradually at disadvantageous position, finally at crucial moment both the elder forced to take their life soul as the price to used formidable seal technique, finally successfully sealed this demon girl in this death mountain.
“Unexpectedly this legend is true, and this demon girl has unlock the seal and reappeared at this death mountain.” There is worried on Heavenly Dragon commander face.

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