War God Asura

Chapter: 15

Want To Sneak Attack Me?
“So it looks like now we just have to ask help from Imperial wind pavilion again.” After listening about the legend of soul eater succubus, Xing Jue said to Heavenly Dragon commander with a smile, then get up and walk forward.
“He he, in fact Brother Xing Jue already have thought about asking help from Imperial Wind Pavilion right?” Heavenly Dragon commander laugh and said toward Xing Jue who walk in front of him, because he already discovered that although Xing Jue escaping route is inaccurate, but the approximate direction is actually running away toward Imperial Wind Pavilion position, in such chaotic situation, unexpectedly can make the best choice, Heavenly Dragon commander startled about Xing Jue plans. He Immediately get up to follow.
Just exactly at Heavenly Dragon commander place, there is actually left behind undetectable aura symbol.
“Heavenly Dragon commander, I have a question to ask you, since soul eater succubus so strong, why only hiding in the death mountain? With her strength she can kill everywhere, is it not better? Why only painstakingly wait in this mountain?” At death mountain perimeter, Xing Jue walk and asked.
“Perhaps it was because some restriction, soul eater succubus unable to leave death mountain.” Heavenly Dragon commander replied.
“If that was true, as long as we left this mountain can we completely safe?” Xing Jue looked at slightly bright sky said with smile, after a night uninterrupted journey, both of them will soon come out from this Demon Beast mountain, and enter Imperial Wind Pavilion area.
“Heavenly Dragon Fist” Heavenly Dragon commander, suddenly shouted, there is a cruel expression on his face, at the same time on his right fist a golden light martial Qi extremely fast condensate. Then immediately raised the right fist and then ruthlessly attack toward Xing Jue.
“Bang!” however faces Heavenly Dragon commander sneak attack, Xing Jue is already prepared, when it about to hit, Xing Jue suddenly turned around, directly attack fist to fist to fend of Heavenly Dragon commander attack.
“He He, Hey the fox finally revealed his tail?” Xing Jue looked at the embarrassing Heavenly Dragon commander with a smile. Obviously he didn’t surprised to this Heavenly Dragon attack, in fact Xing Jue does not know why Heavenly Dragon commander want to attack him it just Xing Jue actually didn’t really trusted him, regarding this kind of person who he didn’t understand, Xing Jue all the times always keep on guard, so that’s why he didn’t look surprised.
“No matter why you attack me, since you have done it, then I will take your life!” Xing Jue didn’t care about the shock on Heavenly Dragon commander face, he slowly said. Then a formidable golden-colored light of martial Qi quickly condensed on his right palm, and sent out dazzling rays of light, in this dark jungle, just liked a guide light.
“What a strong Martial Skill!” Looking at rays of light on Xing Jue right palm, Heavenly Dragon commander shocking said. At this moment he actually feeling a little regretted to attack this kid, because he didn’t thought that Xing Jue is so strong.
“Go to hell!” Xing Jue cruelly shouted, he wave his right arm and then a gorgeous rays of light at extremely quick speed swept away toward Heavenly Dragon commander.
“Heavenly Dragon Meteor fist” Facing the rays of light that extremely fast come, Heavenly Dragon commander unable to dodge, in such desperate situation, he have to resist with all his strength. A golden-colored martial Qi covered the fists, and then collide with each other.
“Ah!” With a sad and shrill pitiful yell, the Heavenly Dragon commander right arm unexpectedly smashed and explode, blood unceasingly flows out from the breaking arm, naturally this is the result from Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm.
“Zi Zi Zi, your bones are really hard, unexpectedly my palm didn’t beat you to death.” Xing Jue click his mouth and said with sarcasm, during the speech his figure suddenly move, similar to lightning finally swept toward heavenly dragon commander body, a foot step on heavenly Dragon left arm, and another foot on Heavenly Dragon chest.
“Pfff” laugh in contempt
“Brother Xing Jue forgive me, Brother Xing Jue forgive me.” After being hit again by Xing Jue, Heavenly Dragon commander spurt a blood from his mouth, Randomly plead said.
“Don’t use that pathetic pretend, suffer to death!” facing the Heavenly Dragon commander’s pleas, Xing Jue does not have slightly pity, regarding the enemy Xing Jue will not show mercy at all. But when Xing Jue prepare to settle this problem, the voice that Xing Jue does not want to hear, actually once more resounds.
“Ha Ha Ha, what a ruthless little devil, this old lady admire you.” Among that dark jungle an enchanting figure slowly emerge. This is the soul eater succubus.
“Demon girl please save me, Demon girl please save me.” seeing that soul eater succubus to appear, Heavenly Dragon commander quickly shouted.
“Damn! You and him actually are a team?” regarding soul eater succubus able to catch up so fast, Xing Jue also feel puzzled, but after hearing calling for help from Heavenly Dragon commander, Xing Jue suddenly realize, this guy must be leave some mark, so soul eater succubus can be so quick to chase. Thinking about this Xing Jue anger can’t come out, immediately held up his right fist ready to take this guy’s dog life.
“Puff” when Xing Jue about to kill Heavenly Dragon commander, together with strong martial Qi, actually explode on Xing Jue body, immediately a blood spouted from his mouth, then fell to the ground.
And naturally the one who attack him is soul eater succubus.
“Hey hey, I can’t let you kill Heavenly Dragon commander.” just now soul eater succubus withdraw her right arm, said to Xing Jue with a charming face.
“Thank you, senior succubus.” seeing he is saved, Heavenly Dragon commander also quickly to get up, enduring the pain on his broken arm, running up toward soul eater succubus body, and respectfully said.
“I said soul eater succubus, you are so beautiful why did you took a fancy toward this very ugly man? For me this is indeed hard to accept.” Hearing soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue already knows that these two people definitely have some intrigue, concerned about the terrifying strength of that soul eater succubus, Xing Jue already know that he can’t escaped, therefore he doesn’t care about anything, said with sarcasm.
“Don’t impolite toward senior succubus!” not wait for soul eater succubus to speak, Heavenly Dragon commander walk ahead and shouted.
“Oh? Why did you say that I took fancy for him?” Soul eater succubus actually asked with charming smiles.
“If not, why did you protect him?” Xing Jue replied.
“Ha Ha, do you want to know?” Soul eater succubus said with a smile.
“Humph! Because I am the one who released her.” Heavenly Dragon commander rush to say.
“Yes, what he said is true, but this is not the reason why I saving him.” Soul eater succubus said again with a smile. Her charming eyes looked toward Heavenly Dragon commander.
“Heavenly Dragon commander, thank you for saving me, and gave so many delicious soul, in order to thank you, I decide to properly reward you.” Soul eater succubus with her soft right hand, touch Heavenly Dragon commander cheek whole face beard, and said.
“Demon… Demon… Demon girl senior, I am so loyal to you, I know that your injury hasn’t healed, but I can find you Martial Master soul, please..” Regarding soul eater succubus acting like this, Heavenly Dragon commander felt there is something wrong, and then hurried to say.
“My injury can’t be healed overnight, since you are so loyal to me, then can you give your soul to me?” soul eater succubus suddenly looked cold, and then immediately kiss Heavenly Dragon commander, Heavenly Dragon commander body which is thin and tall, in an instant turned into a dry corpse.
Looking at this scene, Xing Jue heart can’t help to be frightened, from their talked Xing Jue already knows that this soul eater succubus is released by Heavenly Dragon commander, moreover this soul eater succubus have internal injury, she needs to absorb Martial Artist soul to alleviate her injury, perhaps the missing people are because of this soul eater succubus doing, it’s just that this soul eater succubus target, her requirement is getting higher and higher, therefore Heavenly Dragon commander organize this group of people with high strength to enter this mountain, but this soul eater succubus unexpectedly also killed this Heavenly Dragon commander her savior, Xing Jue soul have no choice to be devour. He is afraid of this cold blooded succubus.
“Little rascal, now it’s your turn.” She casually throw Heavenly Dragon commander corpse aside, and continue to lick her lips, soul eater succubus looking at Xing Jue, and said with a smile, but in that smile actually full of killing intent.

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