War God Asura

Chapter: 16

Breaking The Seal
“Hey Hey Hey, I didn’t mind to give my first kiss to a beautiful woman, but you just kissed that guy, and want to kisses me, I can’t accept it.” Looking at the soul eater succubus walking toward him, Xing Jue covered his mouth and said.
“He he, it doesn’t matter, because you didn’t need to care about that in your mind.”
“Oh! Even more you are really young handsome guy.” Soul eater succubus arrive in front of Xing Jue body, her slender right hand gently lift Xing Jue chin, examine for a while and said softly.
Then she immediately raise his small mouth and pasted toward Xing Jue lips, and absorb with a strong pressure, Xing Jue is unable to resist, he can only look helplessly demon girl succubus to take his first kiss, but the most that make Xing Jue frightened is actually, as long as this kiss end then Xing Jue little life might be over too.
When this soul eater succubus and Xing Jue lips stick together, Xing Jue only felt that the Soul Power inside his body start to drain rapidly, however his body didn’t start to feel strong pain, only his chest, his heart start to violently beating.
“Ha Ha, so comfortable.” Feeling a plenty of Soul Power, soul eater succubus said with a satisfied smile, immediately cast Xing Jue aside, and didn’t bother to take a look.
“Wow! Wu.., my chest burning so hot.” Hearing unexpected voice make soul eater succubus shocked, she turn her head to look, and seeing what happened startled her.
Because at this time Xing Jue grabbing his own chest, he looked like bearing a great pain, but what make soul eater succubus feeling incredible is Xing Jue body didn’t turned into a dry corpse, instead he looks like nothing different than normal people.
Under soul eater succubus shocking sight, unexpectedly Xing Jue chest start to send out dazzling rays of light, this rays of light just like ordinary white flame, it start to burn Xing Jue clothes, suddenly Xing Jue coat burnt completely. A strange graph appeared on his chest.
Seeing a strange graphic at Xing Jue chest, soul eater succubus charming cheeks instantly pale, without doubt reveal extreme fear.
“Soul eater seal curse.” After a long time soul eater succubus slowly said these words.
That strange graphic getting more and more glowing light, Xing Jue pain also growing, just like a monster drill out from his chest.
“The seal almost lifted.” Soul eater succubus stared at Xing Jue chest, slowly said, but at this time her body started to shiver.
“Hum” With a loud sound, at Xing Jue chest rays of light expand in a flash, and finally gone, and that strange graphic also vanish, but from Xing Jue chest a powerful Soul Power suddenly burst out, and finally wrapped Xing Jue whole body.
Black soul gas revolve inside Xing Jue body, the gas slowly flow into Xing Jue body, and along with soul gas continuously pouring in, Xing Jue aura also constantly to climb, breaking through Martial Master boundary, and then become Martial Ancestor, even want to attack Intermediate Martial Ancestor, but finally stop at Preliminary Martial Ancestor.
“Oh my God, what the hell is going on?” Feeling his body more powerful compare before does not know how much martial power, and extremely powerful Soul Power, Xing Jue simply confused, I thought, shouldn’t I died? Why not only I am not died, instead my strength actually became stronger?
“This humble daughter, will follow master.” When Xing Jue feeling bewildered, the soul eater succubus who previously want to kill Xing Jue, unexpectedly kneel on the ground, said to Xing Jue with shivering voice, and does not dare to lift her head.
“You…You… Who are you talking to?” Looking at this scene, Xing Jue simply felling foolish, this is simply too strange, is it a dream?
“I am sorry master, this humble daughter didn’t know master real status, and being rude to master, please forgive this humble daughter.” Soul eater succubus didn’t answered Xing Jue question, rather incessant speak, obviously extremely fear of Xing Jue.
“Hey, you seem to know who I am?” At this very moment Xing Jue already certain, that soul eater succubus is talking to him, especially when she spoke that she doesn’t know Xing Jue real status, even in Xing Jue heart are surprised, because even Xing Jue does not know who he was. Before going to Xing Clan, he was a homeless teenager, doesn’t even know who his own parents.
“I asked you, immediately answered me!” Xing Jue once again said. Moreover his manner become somewhat profound.
“Could it be that master does not know who he is?” After hearing Xing Jue words, soul eater succubus slowly raised her head, said to Xing Jue.
“Nonsense, otherwise will I asked you? Just now what is happened? Why after you absorb my soul force not only I am not died, instead my strength instantly increased, what do you know exactly? Hurry up said?” Xing Jue asked again.
“Master was from Soul Devouring Clan, master true Soul Power were sealed, but a moment ago I completely absorb Soul Power inside master body, and it caused the seal soul force suddenly rush forth, and even crack the seal.” Soul eater succubus replied.
“Soul Devouring Clan? What the hell is that? What is the relationship between you and Soul Devouring Clan?” Xing Jue continue to asked.
“Reply to master, Soul Devouring Clan was a very strong ancient time clan, their clansman born with Soul Power far extraordinary than normal person, and Soul Devouring Clan have special Cultivation Technique, they can take and refining other people soul power, promoting their own cultivation, therefore Soul Devouring Clan could be said this continent strongest forces, and I am merely a servant who Soul Devouring Clan make.” Soul eater succubus slowly said.
“To take and refined someone else soul power, and promoting own cultivation?” After hearing bites soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue could not help to suck in a mouthful cold air, in Sky Martial Continent, everyone Soul Power attribute are different, this is inborn, just like everyone different appearance, it can be said that everyone Soul Power are exclusive one another, let alone refining others’ Soul Power, even soul eater succubus to absorb soul power from other people’s body and draw to herself is very abnormal.
“You said that you were being made? Then why you can swallow other people’s soul?” Xing Jue asked again.
“Reply to master, because this humble daughter itself make from soul.” Soul eater succubus replied.
“Being made from soul?” Hearing this, Xing Jue is startled, he had heard that some powerful people can use exotic material to make puppet, never heard that some people can use soul to make human, this simply too incredible.
“Did you know where Soul Devouring Clan now?” Xing Jue now already know some of his life story, can make a living person from soul, this is frightening method, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to think, and since he is Soul Devouring Clan people, perhaps as long as he found Soul Devouring Clan, then he can find his own parents.
“Reply to master, I think that now Soul Devouring Clan already perished.” After a moment of silence, soul eater succubus slowly said, and above her charming face, there is a touch of sadness.

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